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    Aiming for better engagement, thoughts?

    Hey everyone. I wanted to run something by you because there is something that I am rather frustrated by. I market in a relatively competitive niche, I know that I have competitors who are trying everything possible to ‘get attention’ – sometimes that means throwing buzzwords around to get people interested. The problem is that it appears to be having an opposite effect, people are becoming jaded after being inundated by these messages and are tuning out all those related message (including my own it seems) I felt that perhaps instead of trying to mass-target everyone, I could try a different approach. What I am thinking about utilizing is called ‘solo ads’, which as far as I can tell means that someone promotes your product on their mailing list. The difference is supposed to be that these people are far more engaged, actively having discussions with their audience, and thus have markets that are less likely to tune you out. One of the examples I stumbled across was Heather's Solos where a woman named Heather Alessandra is going to target her followers for you. I am considering testing it out because while it looks ‘just another beautiful woman’ promoting a product at first, both her Facebook and Flicker appear to have some real engagement. I know that some people are going to say that good content is more important than getting your name out there – but I already have the content. I have a good website and I have some interesting information available on it, I just need people to experience it for themselves. So my question is, do any of you have any thoughts on this? Do you think that it may be worth thinking outside of the box (e.g. AdSense and Facebook Ads?). Thank you again for any feedback that you might have.
  2. Anthony S. Costa

    Your Blog/Company’s Logo

    These are all actually good considerations. I have wanted to switch over for a while, read the article and I wondered to myself ‘why do I even want to make the switch?’ I think that sometimes we just get so caught up with the prospective of something new that we lose focus on what is important.
  3. Anthony S. Costa

    Do You Outsource?

    I have found that writing etc. is something that I do NOT like to outsource. If you go for affordable quality I have found that I get people who write in poor English, use poor grammar and just copy and paste stuff they find elsewhere. Administrative stuff I do not mind outsourcing because it is not something that I like to concern myself.
  4. Anthony S. Costa

    How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

    Instead of trying to hide the negative feedback or somehow silencing the person who left it, why don’t you take the responsible route and address the issue? Instead of trying for a quick scheme, you could try discussing the issue with the unhappy customer and make an unhappy customer into a repeat customer.
  5. Anthony S. Costa

    Competing On Price

    I have found that once I started raising my prices considerable (content creation services) I would actually get more offers. The idea of cutting prices beyond anything may seem like good business practice at first, but it can come back to haunt you later when everyone expects you to do good for cheap and you are struggling to make ends meet.