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  1. DjKrypto

    HI ALL

    Welcome to Massive Links! enjoy your time here
  2. DjKrypto

    Hello Friends

    Welcome to Massive Links Marian
  3. DjKrypto

    5 Productivity Tips For The Time-Poor Entrepreneur

    Interesting tips... ill be giving some of them a try. I like the idea of having two hour time blocks, ill probably give that one a try first
  4. DjKrypto

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to everyone!
  5. DjKrypto

    Perfect Discussion Board - Glad to join!

    Welcome to Massive Links!
  6. DjKrypto


    Welcome to Massive Links!
  7. DjKrypto

    SOPA bill

    Interesting. I am not from the US so I dont really have a lot of info about this. I just read a couple of articles, but they dont seem to indicate what will be banned and what will be not. Theres two sides to this argument. Its probably good for the music, film and other similar industries, but it could be seen as invading free speech and a burden on ISP's and search engines.
  8. DjKrypto

    Nice to meet you all guys!

    HI Tom, Welcome to Massive Links. Hope to learn new things from you!
  9. DjKrypto

    Hi guys

    Welcome to Massive Links Kaushal. Hope you enjoy your time here and see you around in the forums
  10. DjKrypto

    Changes to Google's Algorithm

    Yeh I would agree with GuyV. Obviously they would like to give brands a preference when people searched that particular term. And now that Google+ allows business pages they could tie in search with those pages to make it easier and better for users
  11. DjKrypto


    Welcome to Massive Links! hope to see you around in the forums
  12. DjKrypto

    How NOT To Monetize Your Blog!

    Good to hear that Google is thinking about penalising ad heavy site... its about time these sites get off the surface of the earth
  13. DjKrypto

    Changes to Google's Algorithm

    Some of the changes include higher rankings for 'official' pages and fresher results. Read more at Google's official blog: http://insidesearch.blogspot.com/2011/11/ten-recent-algorithm-changes.html
  14. DjKrypto

    Please critique my site

    I am talking about the ones on the home page itself. Just left of the price there is something that reads 'DETAILS | BUY' those should be hyperlinks imo
  15. DjKrypto

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to Massive Links Josh. Enjoy your time here and see you around in the forums!