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  1. kms1167

    Hi Am new here :)

    Welcome Neha! Glad to have you here!
  2. kms1167


    Welcome to Massive Links! Glad to have you here printbucket!
  3. kms1167

    Blog Contests

    I haven't done this yet but have been thinking about it. I will probably do a product giveaway to a random comment poster. These sort of contests seem to generate a fair amount of buzz and get people interested in your blog (especially if you are able to run them periodically).
  4. kms1167

    Wireless Networking Now

    It is amazing how widespread WiFi technologies have become in such a short period of time. Between these local networks and cellular services we can be connected to the internet almost anywhere in the world. With this technology appearing in more and more different devices as well, it will be interesting to see what sort of innovation comes from the real time data sharing.
  5. kms1167

    Twitter Follow Fridays

    Wow, even after you had undone access? I like so many of these twitter apps, but they always feel the need to promote through your account.
  6. kms1167

    Twitter Follow Fridays

    They claim to only be a service for wading through #FF's in order to compile rankings of the most recommended accounts. It says they do not send tweets without explicit permission.
  7. kms1167

    Twitter Follow Fridays

    It is definitely overused by many Twitter users, and #FF 's would be much more useful if they included some reasons to follow. I like that website you posted which ranks some of the most recommended accounts to follow. I was reading a bit about their point algorithym and it takes a great deal of factors into account in determining rankings.
  8. kms1167

    Twitter Follow Fridays

    I participate in #FF's from time to time. I typically at least pass along those who have #FF'd me that day. I think that it's a quick thing to do that those followers really appreciate.
  9. kms1167

    Darren Butt

    Welcome Darren! Glad to have you here!
  10. kms1167

    Facebook Brand Pages for Timeline Coming Soon

    Wow, not looking forward to this! Do you know when the mandatory switch for brand pages occurs? I am guessing I will put this off until the last minute!
  11. kms1167

    Facebook Brand Pages for Timeline Coming Soon

    I completely agree that the timeline looks unorganized. I think that it takes away from one of Facebooks biggest assets - simplicity. I am not too pleased about the shift on brand pages as well. I saw a preview of what mine would look like, and it looks terrible. I guess I will have to spend some time redoing my Facebook page before it is forced into Timeline.
  12. kms1167


    Welcome Adam! I think you will find Massive Links to be a very welcoming place with a wealth of information. Feel free to pose any questions you may have!
  13. kms1167

    Google Glasses

    I am excited to see what they come up with, as this type of technology could really impact our day to day lives. It sounds far fetched, but virtual recognition has made huge strides in the last few years and perhaps being able to identify people/objects and associated information is not far off.
  14. kms1167


    I haven't used them in years and didn't even realize they were still around! I like to mix up my search engines from time to time so I'll have to check them out again.
  15. kms1167

    Directory Links Still Work These Days

    I think that submitting your site to directories can still be worthwhile, as long as it is done selectively. Choosing directories that are well trafficked and keeping submissions to a reasonable volume should remain beneficial. I agree that local directories are a great option not only for their narrow focus, but the emphasis SE's have been putting into local search as of late.