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    Need vps host

    You should definitely take a look at the IX Web Hosting Coupon before you sign up with a web host for their VPS plans; they have great plans available.
  2. KathleenCollins

    LinkedIn’s Blogging Platform

    Now this is certainly some great news considering that now everyone who deserves some attention, will get it and not just the influencers.
  3. KathleenCollins

    Your Facebook Page's Organic Reach Is About to Plummet

    Yes, Facebook's new algorithm change has really brought down the organic reach of posts on my Facebook page. I haven't spent on Facebook ads yet, I just use appropriate hashtags and encourage my followers to share. But I feel I might have to opt for the paid ads after sometime.
  4. KathleenCollins

    The 7 Best WordPress Alternatives

    Haven't heard of IM Creator and SilverStripe..I use WordPress and Tumblr for blogging and am currently giving eBlogger a try! Do these platforms have as many features as the ones I am currently using?