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  1. juanjosenberg

    You Tube For Tutorials

    Yes ....You Tube is a great way to explain the topic which you intend to do. Visuals certainly have a great impact.
  2. juanjosenberg

    Plugins and Tools for writers

    I agree with Kari...MS word is the one which I can;t manage without...
  3. juanjosenberg

    Link Wheel Explained

    Thanks…Nick for explaining the concept of link wheel to us. It is no doubt that Link Wheel is going to get lots of good quality traffic to websites.
  4. juanjosenberg

    Get a Free Twitter Follow Button

    thanks for sharing this site, those are cool buttons....
  5. juanjosenberg

    Six Months SEO Training

    Yes...Understanding SEO is the most important thing. Getting online SEO training also helps. There are several courses which cover a variety of topics like key word usage, marketing techniques etc. You can achieve dramatic results after proper understanding and training in this field.
  6. juanjosenberg

    Do check this out :)

  7. juanjosenberg

    What are directories

    Web site Directories are the list of directories to list your website. You can improve your website ranking through quality directory links. This will also increase your search engine rankings too.
  8. juanjosenberg

    Google's Social Search Explained

    Thanks for posting this video. Certainly a big step forward in social revolution. With Google Social Search you can enhance/better your search experience. It provides users with personalized search results too...
  9. juanjosenberg

    blogging tips

    Nice and useful tips Kari and Nick. This will be highly appreciated by new bloggers.
  10. juanjosenberg

    Mistakes as an admin?

    Creating unique content is always a challenging task to maintain a forum. If content is fresh and interesting, it will definitely make members a reason to come back and check for updates.
  11. Sitting in the right posture is very important. And the monitor should be placed at a distance of 20- to 30 inches. You should take breaks if you are working consistently. Exercises to strengthen neck, back and shoulder muscles should be done regularly.
  12. juanjosenberg

    Any site Banned from Yahoo! Search?

    The articles on the link provided by Nick were very useful. You can be banned by Yahoo search and you can get back to Yahoo search by paying for reinclusion.
  13. juanjosenberg

    Audio RSS Feed - Simple Podcast Solution

    It will be amazing to hear our texts in audio. Thanks for the links and useful info.
  14. juanjosenberg

    Killer Web Site Demographics Tool

    Thanks for sharing this information. It is really useful to know the age or gender of the visitor so that we can advertise specifically targeting them. Getting the information of competitors’ will be an added advantage.
  15. juanjosenberg

    Best RSS Tips

    Pretty long list of tips!! Useful and informative too… Thanks for sharing