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  1. neovision


    Hi there Mark, Welcome to massivelinks....
  2. neovision

    I am new here

    Hi there Mark, Glad to meet you at Massivelinks forum. I am sure you will enjoy here
  3. neovision

    Google Chrome Already Utilizing HTML 5

    Seems I will have to download this video since my Internet speed is not quite good. If I view the video then I wont be able to browse other sites. I am just awaiting for W3 to relase the HTML 5 standard ASAP
  4. If anybody needs a reliable hosting for 9.95$ for the first year. Please PM me for more information
  5. Hey guys, do you all know any tools using which I can find out the PR of all pages in my website or blog at once?
  6. neovision

    Is twitter good for SEO?

    Twitter is good for SEO if and only if you have quite a good number of followers and a high PR profile
  7. neovision

    Do Follow Blog Comments

    Well, I use do follow for my blog as well as my social bookmarking site. But ya, I do have to do quite a bit of moderation
  8. neovision

    Best RSS Tips

    Oh, thanks for the tip no 5 I was forgetting that. Otherwise I am doing all the other tips mentioned here (Except the audio one which is not feasible for me)
  9. neovision

    File compression software

    I have tried all three Winzip, Winrar and 7-Zip and I feel Winrar is the best because of the ease of it's use
  10. neovision

    Joomla and Spam Registrations

    I have been trying to use Joomla but have not got a chance because Wordpress is much easier but I am thinking of using Joomla in a new project of mine. It is good to know about Registration Validator. I will be using it in my upcoming project
  11. neovision

    What does People look in a Forum?

    I agree with you karileighk...I do not mean that kind of extreme moderation. I mean moderate moderation...like just keeping of spam etc
  12. neovision

    Origin of Your Business?

    It just started because of my interest in Internet. I started using computers quite late i.e. in 2006 and Internet in 2007. After that I just it took me 2 years or so to understand about the Internet and it's method. I started my online business only in late 2009 (November probably) I tried to start with online business before that but could not because of shortage of finance to startup but a small freelancing job gave me enough money to start up and after that It has been quite a journey that I am having. For me it is not a business but an interest in the web
  13. neovision

    In-Text Ads..Is it Useful

    I find that there are many In-text advertising networks coming up nowadays. Previously there were Adbrite and Infolinks and then came Kontera. And now I recently got an email from Affinity In-Text. Are in-text advertising any good. I have signed up for Infolinks and I am yet to make any money. It is OK since I am just starting out. But is it worth investing your effort or spoil the look of your websites(with underlines that is) by using these kind of ads. Still to find out
  14. neovision

    Fast Ways To Get More Visitors

    Thanks for sharing this tips, Fast traffic is not easy to get. Traffic grows as you start getting a good rank in Google
  15. neovision

    Please Don't Be Like This Guy

    That employer seems to have very less knowledge about SEO or article writing. 14 keywords in 400 words would be literally spamming and article stuffing.