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  1. ContentzPro

    Chrome or Fire Fox How Do You Roll?

    I always stick to firefox as it is too flexible for me which has many addons coming with it which are too useful for me.
  2. ContentzPro

    Origin of Your Business?

    Because of my close friend who helped me to start my online business and i have been doing this for 3+ years.
  3. ContentzPro

    Your Favorite Topic

    Always my fav. topic is about computers, hardware, software and troubleshooting. I will write almost all about these topics.
  4. ContentzPro

    Do copy paste content matter ?

    Copy paste contents doesn't matter at all nowadays as google became more strict towards the content. So it must be unique. Otherwise it will be of no use.
  5. ContentzPro

    Seo Tips For The Beginner

    A gateway for the beginners of SEO and hope they use it in the right way and get their career on in this way.
  6. ContentzPro

    Building Links The Right Way

    I have been using ezine and hubpages for past 6 months and i say that it is really very nice and awesome. Others on my opinion is not good as these two.
  7. ContentzPro

    Do you use autoblogs to make money??

    Yeah i have been using this for creating my own autoblogs and this is really handy for me to refer and do the procedure. It wont take much time to create a autoblog.
  8. ContentzPro

    52 Blog tips to kick start your blog

    Yeah i know that many will be liking it and so thats the reason i posted here and it is nice that you loved it and you gained something from it.
  9. ContentzPro

    Which mobile phone do you use?

    I am having Sony Ericsson w395, k660i and Nokia n73 with me. I am basically a mobile freak and used to change it every month.
  10. ContentzPro

    What was the first TV series that you really liked?

    The TV series i always watch is Dexter and Lost. I like both of the equally as i was watching it from the first episode and never missed it even once.
  11. ContentzPro

    Is Your Password Easy to Hack?

    Actually passwords are meant to be for personal use and it should not be easily found out by anyone. In my opinion a password should contact uppercase, lowercase, spl. char and numbers. This one will never able to guess this pass by anyone
  12. ContentzPro

    Free Directory List

    This one is pretty good too and i have submitted some of my sites there and they update the directories daily and i m happy and settled with it.
  13. ContentzPro

    Most important Wordpress Blog Plugins

    Yeah i have used Postrank and commentluv too and it is damn good for a blog. Will add more plugins after checking it out
  14. ContentzPro

    Register for a forum-but never log in

    The main reason is that if they search for something in google and if its available in forum X and if that forum is restricted to registered people only. What they do is just register and get what they want and never turn back.
  15. ContentzPro

    what is average uptime SLA?

    Yup 95% uptime is not the average but many host just put in their site as 99.9% or 99% but they are not really 99.9% or 99% even. It will be like 96% to 97% only. Nowadays there are many hosting companies and its hard to choose a good company among them.