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  1. kaidoristm

    Free Social Bookmark Poster

    Of course first thing is to build more modules. And for more im thinking about accounts rotation, title rotation (cause it will be used as anchor) and captcha support would be nice. Of course those things are taking some time but im working on it
  2. kaidoristm

    Free Social Bookmark Poster

    For incase anyone is interested listed it HERE version 1.3 is ready for sales
  3. kaidoristm

    Free Social Bookmark Poster

    Added two more modules for free access so enjoy it And of course as soon as its ready to launch im going to list it. Merry Christmas for all
  4. kaidoristm

    Free Social Bookmark Poster

    Hey all glad you like it cause im the owner of this tool. Some explanations for timeout issues. Timeouts are caused because some websites are sometimes overloaded and too slow to respond. Like A1-Webmarks if you get timeout then your post probably went through just search by your tags. For confirming that your submission was successful i use A1-Webmarks search option to find your title but this search option is extremely slow and if it wont respont on given 30 seconds it will show timeout. Actually full version supports 30 websites you can fin demo from main page http://onepieceofmylife.com/ so enjoy and don't spam it