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  1. I'm sure that every time you turn the computer on, at some point through out the day, you either come a cross a blog on your own or are referred to one by a friend. Perhaps, not every time, but often enough to ask the question "should I add a blog to my business site?" How can a blog or guest bloggin help your site and business grow? This could be a long-winded answer so I will tell you a few ways that your business may benefit from having a blog. A business blog can help you: 1) Build your business reputation 2) Increase your traffic flow 3) Lock down potential customers 4) Provide potential quality leads and the list goes on. This is just summary of SOME of the benefits. Here is a great blog about the topic of Guest Blogging supremacyseo.com/Guest-Blogging-Dead Of course there is work to be done when you decide to incorporate a blog onto your site, but the rewards that you stand to gain far outweigh the time you will invest in creating this potential money maker. The same is true for guest blogging. What is your top selling item? Have you used this item or service? How many satisfied customers do you have for this particular item or service? You must be sure to create quality postings ( and/or guest posts) and content that will pull a reader in. A potential reader who is interested will read your prolific post about the benefits of purchasing your item or service, they will then either buy the service or save your blog post. You can add options like a subscription service allowing your customers to subscribe (potential buyer) and share with their friends (quality leads) onto your own blog and reference your site within a guest blog. What are your thoughts on this subject? Have you started a business blog or guest bloggin? Have you thought about it? What has your experience been?
  2. benjamin

    Do You Outsource?

    I'm not completely against outsourcing however, I personally do not and would not outsource, I would much rather elevate and contribute to my local economy. Considering how dire the economic climate is at the moment, I would like to be a positive contributor at this point. In the future when things have taken a turn for the better, I might consider sharing in the wealth and spreading the work out internationally and possibly outsourcing. The latter, only after I feel that I have made my most maximum contribution locally.
  3. benjamin

    The Whole Truth Behind Unlimited Hosting

    Wow, I must say that this blog post read like butter. Very informative and all good points to consider, all that to say that after reading the blog, I am leaning towards "false advertising". I have always been weary, but now I'm even more so. On the hunt for better options thanks to this thread. Thanks for posting.
  4. benjamin

    Guest Blogging

    The truth is that you will find always find those that advocate for guest blogging as well as those that do not. There is an argument to be made for both and depending on which end of the spectrum you are on, you can find an article or blog promoting that end of the discussion.
  5. benjamin

    Affiliate Program Tutorial

    I hadn't heard of this previously, but I went ahead and opened the window up. I'm on page one, I'll come back in when I have read further through. I always appreciate a good tutorial, I'll let you know my thoughts when I'm done.