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  1. Anybody has made use of tag cloud generators? These are automatic and look good. But i have heard that auto tags have bad impact on google.
  2. Your host needs to support .htaccess. Most paid hosts do. But most free hosts do not.
  3. Hi, For one of the project, i have a choice to buy a domain. I have two choices - 1 has large backlinks base and 1 is more than 4 yrs old. Which of these attributes will have maximum impact on my SERPs?
  4. DayDream

    Entrecard Anyone?

    Entrecard is a scam. Lots of scams popping up daily. Our job is to find out and stay away. Remember: The thing which seems too good to be true, is not true.
  5. DayDream

    Anyone making money via PPV ?

    I have found out that pay per view (PPV) can be a good source of earning some good money. Has anyone any experience of which traffic converts best and at what rate? Also mention which are the best affiliates - trafficvance requires deposit i think.
  6. DayDream

    Automatic Following on twitter?

    This is a topic of controversial discussion. is automatic following or unfollowing illegal on twitter? or should it be done to greatly increase friends, followers in small time? I think its not fair to other marketers who don't use.
  7. Hi, This topic is just to compare two top networks of 2009. 1. Facebook 2. Twitter These are without doubt top social sites of 2009. now in terms of making money - which has brought the most money ? Facebook for me.
  8. Hi, It was easy to rank for a keyword in google. Just make a squidoo page around it. and social bookmark it. But this strategy no longer works. You don't rank so easily in google. Hence traffic also decreases. Anybody noticed it?
  9. DayDream

    Get Paid $93 to Write a 299 Word Article

    Luck can be improved. Thinking of all possibilities and making a sound plan and working on it - greatly improves luck. Congrates on your success. These stories motivate us to keep trying.
  10. DayDream

    Amazon Vs Adsense Niche Sites

    I think CPA affiliate sites are making more money than adsense or amazon sites. But this is again based on your site's ranking position. If your site is ranked high in a huge niche, amazon is likely to do well. But in a competing niche, affiliate marketing - CPA works best, especially free offers.
  11. DayDream

    New in affiliate marketing...

    I guess you could do a keyword research of 1 CB item and gather some great keywords. Build a wp blog around it and start promoting it. Get sales and take home $$$
  12. DayDream

    How to make my videos appear?

    embeding video is a simple solution as explained well above. btw know that if you host the video on your own server, it will consume huge bandwidth each time its played by a visitor. And u will need best up speeds on your server. Youtube is better IMO.
  13. DayDream

    Clickthrough Rate on Ezineartiles.com

    CTR strictly depends on how well you write your article. If you excite the visitor enough to click your link, he will. I get very variable results from 1% to ~20%
  14. DayDream

    during the holidays

    Actually it depends on type of blog, if its work related, traffic tends to drop. However if it deals with games or fun stuff, traffic will improve.
  15. DayDream

    RSS Feed Blending Using Yahoo Pipes

    I have heard that backlinks created using yahoo pipes have no value for SERP in google. Though it will improve ranking in yahoo and others