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    I am a freelance writer. My rate is .01 per word, so a 400 word article would be $4.00. Later I'll be bumping up my price so catch me now if you want it at this price.

    When I am not writing I'm watching movies, walking and enjoying my cats!
  1. karileighk

    Dream Job

    Cool. Dare I ask, what would you build??
  2. karileighk

    What is your favorite hobby?

    I think that my favorite hobby is reading my new ereader. Wow, it's amazing at how those things can get addictive and I really enjoy mine!
  3. I personally feel that almost anything can help, and if it's free then hey why not? Least you save a few bucks when trying to promote or get noticed.
  4. karileighk

    Provide Bookmarking Sites

    My suggestion would be to just do a quick Google search. Here's a list of the top 20 but you can find bigger lists then this: http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/social-bookmarking-websites
  5. karileighk

    Help!! How to minimize spam comments?

    That's a very good tip because most don't stop to think about that but yeah adult content and blogs usually tend to be really bad about that.
  6. karileighk

    Two Favorite Things With Bing

    Google does lack in the image search feature but now that they've seen Bing and what all it can do I'm sure they'll pick up their act and get busy with providing a better search engine because everything else that they do does tend to be a step ahead of msn.
  7. karileighk

    Need some article writing tips

    What kind of writing would you be doing and how long would the articles be?
  8. If you think that Twitter and Facebook might be the only big social networking sites out there - think again! Wikki has a list of all the major social networking websites Zooppa and my guess is you haven't heard of a lot of them! Social Networking Sites
  9. karileighk

    'Google Me' to take on Facebook?

    I don't like the way the privacy options tend to be set up on Facebook which is another reason why I left. One day all the people on my email address seemed to be adding me and I didn't want them on my FB! I have learned since then if I do want to join a site like FB to use another email address but many just starting out will find out the hard way like I did!
  10. karileighk

    Twitter Followers

    My tip is if you're new to Twitter just go out there and chat with random people! Don't just hit them up on a couple of tweets but reply to at least 6-10 of their tweets and act interested in what they are saying, then go and add them up as a favorite! They are bound to do something in return, in most cases anyway. If you don't like to socialize then twitter is not for you.
  11. karileighk

    YouTube Ads Are Cheapest Source of Traffic

    I haven't tried that but I've heard that youtube ads can really help out a business. I wonder if anyone has actually tried it and if it helped them out or not? Would also love to hear what people say.
  12. karileighk

    Get A Free Blog Today

    I have just decided to try out wordpress last night. I like it so far! It's very easy to post and I like how fast you can change the layout even being a free member on wordpress. I'm not exactly sure what all I might blog about but I know that it'll come to me!
  13. karileighk

    Hello anyone alive here?

    I agree with you. I have learned a lot of things since I've been a member of this forum and I am very glad that I found it
  14. karileighk


    I believe that Squidoo can really help you out. I've done lots of lens for people and they use them for a variety of things such as link backs on the site and a way to promote new products. You've just got to be careful with Squidoo and not make it look spammy.
  15. karileighk

    Traffic and competition - are they related?

    I really believe that traffic is important and can make a difference with your competition. After all, what DJ said was correct about if you want to get on top then you've got to find visitors and you can't do that without having traffic so yeah it makes a huge difference.