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    livin life to the absolute fullest. i enjoy customizing sneakers hanging out with my cousin who is also my best friend and spending time with the love of my life jamie.Oh yeah i like getting online and using the computer to have fun.Come check out www.theonlykings.com
  1. theonlykings

    Need help with a new squidoo lens

    So i have a squidoo account and i am having some trouble creating a new lens.I go to set it up and when i go to put the www.squidoo.com/yourlensurl it wont accept what i pick.It say my url needs to be words numbers dashes etc.Then right next to the error message it say try not to be to tricky or something to that effect. I put the simplest words i could think of and it still didn't work for me.Is there anyone out there that can help me please?It did not say the lens url was already taken either.I made two lenses last year but have not been on in awhile.I really want to create a lens on my custom sneakers and the things I have been learning like html.Any tips tricks or help from my massivelinks community members would be great.
  2. theonlykings

    yadawhat. Any opinions?

    your right nix it does not stand out of the crowd. A person who was one of the creators told me alot it so I joined it. I wish more people would join to just meet new people. What I do not like about the site is that everyone is pretty much promoting the same thing.But it is another site to get your stuff out there so that is the up side to it. So I still think it is worth checking out and signing up.
  3. theonlykings

    Learning HTML on your own

    Hey fabio i was wondering if you might have a little spare time this week to possibly talk with me on skype about a few questions i have on the xhtml.That way you could look at my screen and see if i am doing these things somewhat correctly?My skype username is theonlykings.
  4. theonlykings

    Can anyone help me with stencils?

    So i went ahead and cut out my stencil and it did not turn out to well.I just need to find a really fine marker to trace on the shoe and then paint.So it will be a few days before i get them done.Once they are i will show you all my finished product.
  5. theonlykings

    affiliate programs for sneaker websites

    Thanks guys.Hey seo do you have any recommendations on where to post these articles.I will place one here but i am not sure we have a lot of people that would be interested here.
  6. theonlykings

    Looking for videos to put on my youtube page

    That would be great.I am not looking to get money for putting other peoples videos on my site either.I am doing it so i dont have to make videos everyday.I will still be putting up a few of my own videos just not as many as i did last year.Cool let me know and anyone else who would like to get some more exposure is more than welcome to hit me up.
  7. theonlykings

    Can anyone help me with stencils?

    So i bought my stencil paper.It is a really thin plastic.I am going to finish th shoes tonight. as soon as they try and if all goes well i will see if i can either post the picture or if i have to attach a file.
  8. theonlykings

    yadawhat. Any opinions?

    Hey your welcome. It is a good sitefor promtoing your web interests and i had a lot of fun on it last year.I really need to update everything on it because i am no longer doing all things it says i do.Also we should really get together and see about working on html together.Let me know.
  9. theonlykings

    Can anyone help me with stencils?

    Yeah I have Photoshop but those types of programs do not really help with what I am trying to do .I don’t need to create a picture I need a stencil of a picture I was having trouble with getting. I now have what I need and you are all going to see something real cool. And I am glad you know what air force ones are they come in so many cool colors and styles. I like working with them alot because you don’t always need to strip all the colors off them. I have a black and yellow pair that we want to turn into a bumble bee version of customs.
  10. theonlykings

    Super Bowl Baby

    I personally think it's in the bag that the Saints will be in the Super Bowl this year. Right now their biggest hurrdle to jump is to keep their defense strong while their major defensive player, Darren Sharper is out for an injury. The Saints have been amazing this season. A lot of people think that the Colts are going to go all they way as well. I personally don't think they will make it through playoffs. Yes they are still undefeted with their win over Jacksonville last night. But once again, their barely won by four points. They have been doing this all season long, squeeking by and winning games. I really do think the Chargers will beat them in the playoffs if San Diego keeps playing the way they are playing.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has the same questions that I have about the details of this whole incident? I have watching the news for three days now and there has been nothing as far as the details on the accident, the fiancé, or any specifics as to what really happened that night. I just find it strange that she was nowhere near the scene of the crime after everything had transpired, and she wants to call herself his fiancée. I don’t care how bad the fight was you don’t leave someone half dead laying on the side of the road. I’m just wondering if she’s even the person that called 911. I just think it’s messed up that everyone sending out their condolences to his fiancé, when in actuality they need to be sending it to his immediate family. It’s really sad how people with so much talent have to have their career cut short over something so small. Especially when he was just beginning to turn his career around from all the trouble he had been going through over the past couple of years. I just wish that they would say more about what’s going on, like if there is going to be an investigation. No one is saying anything. Yes I understand that everyone has deserves their privacy, but don’t announce that someone died and was potentially murdered and just leave it with that. If you’re going to tell a story, tell the whole entire story or don’t tell it at all.
  12. theonlykings

    What is your favorite fruit?

    My favorite fruits hands down have to be strawberries and watermelon. I used to get yelled at as a child because the white part of the watermelon that is below the juicy part right by the rhine, or the green part, well anyways I always eat that part as well as the juicy part. I would get told as a kid that i would get worms or an upset stomach if I ate that part. Oh well it's been years and years later and I still eat it and haven't gotten sick yet. We grew strawberries as a kid and I would always eat them before my mom was able to pick them and she always thought it was someone else eating them. Until one day when she found me next to the garden curled up in a ball. I ate so many strawberries I got sick from them. I'm not a big fan of all of the other fruits but I will eat the typical apples, oranges, pineapples, and cherries.
  13. theonlykings

    Scoliosis, or back problems

    What kind of therapist do you mean, like a phyiscal therapist. Yes, yes she does. She will have to do physical therapy for the rest of her life, she is facing having another surgery on her back in the near furtur and physical therapy is helping prolong the surgery from happening. The physical therapy she does helps strengten her core so it's stronger to help support her back. She always asks her mother for Christmas for a new spine as her present anyone have any ideas?
  14. theonlykings

    Learning HTML on your own

    Ok so Fabio you would recommend I start out with xhtml first before html correct? I went to the link and had to be redirected but got to the xhtml section. Now this is really where I need to begin correct? I’ll tell you this seems really difficult and I do not remember if I asked any of you out there this question yet, but do you guys know of any good and simple to understand video tutorials on this subject? If so I would like a link to them if anyone can help me find some. Well back to the basics of xhtml for me. I have a long day tomorrow but I will get back to everyone to let you know what I have learned on Saturday. And to karileighk, Fabio has a link on this post to a site that has everything we need to learn this stuff. If you would like I would love to network with you and see if we can help each other either through some type of live chat or Skype or oovoo.
  15. I have recently deleted all my videos from YouTube. I have done this because I am starting from scratch. All the things I did last year did not work out for me. I would rather put other peoples videos form this site that have been helping me learn and giving me good advice. So for all you that have been helping me out I hope you see this post. I would like to give back to those who have been helping me learn to utilize the web to make money and better my understanding of how to build my website.