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  1. Tech News

    Facebook Search -  A Reality?

    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO stated that Facebook is strongly considering getting into the “search” game and compete against Google, which has 66.4 percent of the U.S. search market. Facebook with its 995 million members has a powerful force behind it. Google has been trying to get into the “social” game with Google Plus, integrating its social features into Google’s search results. Now it seems that Facebook, which already dominates the social scene, is looking to fight back by getting into search, outside of its platform. If this were to happen it could really change search and search engine marketing as… View the full article
  2. With a huge wave of touch screen devices coming to market, many people are starting to wonder if we are not going to have a mouse and keyboard in the years to come. I for one do not think that a touch screen keyboard will ever totally replace a real one, but some people think that my way of thinking is becoming the minority. I must admit, that from the first touch screen device I used, to the recent touch devices there has been a huge leap forward in this technology. In fact now that touch surfaces no longer rely… View the full article
  3. Google Give It’s Play Store A Push With Gift Certificates and Wishlists There is no secret that Google is trying to drive their ecosystem with a fully loaded media store much like iTunes. The Google Play Store has been through many changes through time and for those that use Android devices, this is just one of many places you can buy apps, music, movies, books and more. Unlike the closed Apple ecosystem, Android users have the ability to sideload apps and media from any source they choose. This freedom to choose means that Google really has to make their store… View the full article
  4. Tech News

    Camouflaging Silicone Robot

    A silicone “soft” robot which is being developed for DARPA by researchers at Harvard is capable of crawling and adapting to its environment by changing its color. The robot looks organic and crawls like some weird, creepy animal. Currently the robot is controlled and supplied by a mechanism that is attached to it to inflate and deflate, making it walk. A sensor which is found below the robot is able of figuring out the color of what’s around it and send the data back so that it can be used to mix the colors and fill the… View the full article
  5. Tech News

    The Aftermath Of Digg.com Sale

    Digg.com is a huge social bookmarking site. The creator of this site Kevin Rose, has been a big player in the “Startup” scene and has become what many people consider an Angel Investor since the company became successful. Much like Jobs leaving Apple, the lack of focus from the young hip owner, has seemed to take away quite a bit of the energy that really make the site what it was, a fun and up to the minute news site driven by the users. Digg.com Gets Sold This brand and website have been dwindling in the past couple years. Some… View the full article
  6. This year’s Summer Olympics are being held in London England and just as much as any previous people are almost frothing at the mouth to get a piece of history on their TV or computer screen as it happens. However, NBC has new way to let only people already paying for cable/satellite TV into their online live coverage site. This has a lot of people very angry and understandably so. Many of the “cable cutters” use only services like this to view the content that is not otherwise available on popular streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and Vudu. <h2>No… View the full article
  7. The Sparrow Mail App is currently a paid email application that basically puts a skin and some new functionality on the highly popular Gmail. The developers of the Sparrow Mail App have fixed a rudimentary issue for millions of Gmail users by making this email service look better and also made it easier to use. If you own a Mac or an iPhone you may have already heard of this product, but if you are an Android or Windows user, most likely you have not because it is not available on these platforms. Google Acquire (Ac-Hire) Of Sparrow Mail App … View the full article
  8. Yahoo has been a huge online force to be reckoned with for many years now. To this day they have one of the largest and longest standing online web directories. This web portal has always differentiated themselves from standard search engines by listing sites in their main human curated directory before ranking sites using standard organic search ranking methods. This is still the core of the main Yahoo website, but the search results have since been injected with Bing results due to a big cash deal with Microsoft about 2 years ago. Yahoo is still a household name as far… View the full article
  9. Tech News

    Google Voice Now No PC Needed!

    Google Voice is a very versatile service that Google has been offering for a couple years now. This free online service allows you to take control of an existing phone number by porting it to Google Voice or you can simply request a free phone number from Google to use with the service. Once you have setup your Voice account, you can use your Google Talk app to make and receive phone calls. This cool Google service also adds some neat features that make the phone service very usable for personal or business applications. This as a standalone service is… View the full article
  10. Rovio is a mobile gaming company that has a lot of inertia behind their name and brand. This company is most well known for their huge hit and returning champion of both the Android and iTunes app stores, Angry Birds. This game was one of the most popular mobile games of all time and Rovio has got a whole new game that they are hoping people will fall in love with all over again. It will take some time to tell. Within the cut throat market of mobile gaming which seems to change about every minute, this game is going… View the full article
  11. Spam is nothing new and if you have been working on a computer for many years, you have most likely been dealing with junk email, spam applications, unwanted popups and more for some time now. There has been so much spam and malware on PC’s and Macs that now, these annoying little messages seem like they are just part of the experience. Using virus protection software, email scanners and still being careful what you click on has just become part of everyday life to those who use computers often. Old Trouble Back Again The same issues that we have been… View the full article
  12. The Android Market has been growing at an unbelievable rate and now there are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from on this growing and popular mobile app marketplace. The problem for some, is that they do not have an Android enabled phone to take advantage of all these fun, cool and useful applications. This is no longer a show stopper, now you can run many of the most popular Android applications from your home computer using the free Blue Stacks app. This applications is fast to install on Windows and it offers a huge selection of Android apps… View the full article
  13. Tech News

    Prepaid For iPhone Is Here!

    This is something that is very surprising to some, but makes a lot of sense to those that see the competition from Android really closing in on Apple’s crazy popular iPhone. This phone has been held to high standards and has been released with exclusivity being a selling point for many years now. However, it has been a while since this phone really stood out of the crowd and from a hardware standpoint, the iPhone is actually behind considerably when you look at some of the latest Android phones that have been released since the 4 and 4s. One thing… View the full article
  14. Tech News

    Microsoft Surface Tablet

    Windows has been a driving force in the computer world for over 20 years now. Microsoft has continued to be one of the largest software companies, but has definitely lost their cool factor in the recent years. This has mostly because the amazing software and hardware that Apple has been bringing to consumers around the globe. Microsoft has finally taken the time to put together their tablet, even though they have been promising this for years, and it really does look like they have a winner. This tablet is the first thing that has gotten Windows users excited about this… View the full article
  15. Tech News

    iTunes App Store vs Android Market

    Nerds will argue over which smartphone is best until the end of time. However, I think many people who are trying to find the next great device for themselves are really missing the big picture. It is important that you like the device you have, after all you are going to pay a premium price for any of the latest versions of smartphones or other mobile device on the market. The problem is, much like making a choice of a game console. It is not always about which one has a faster processor, more memory and a video card that… View the full article