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  1. rpierce2010

    Is Your Site Listed In Google News?

    do you know how to do up to the minute posts and updates?
  2. rpierce2010

    Hello All,

    Welcome ward. hope we can help and look forward to hear your contributions too. we need them also.
  3. rpierce2010

    SEO myths that wont die!

    I think that many people will disagree with many of his opinions. what about #36?
  4. rpierce2010

    12 Quick Tips To Search Google

    One I don't think he said is you can type in a city name like Seattle time and get the time and date right at the top. If you type in a city like Manila, the most famous will show first but you will see all.
  5. rpierce2010

    What is the first thing to SEO??

    Actually you should do all of the above but the first month maybe one of the above per week, second month maybe 5 per week, and 3rd month you can do as many as you want. All of it is good. The building of your site architecture should be done before doing the link building, bookmarking, directory submission and others. What platform is your site on?
  6. it could in my book if you get a lot of back links pointed to the sub page and less to the domain. ezines, squidoos hubpages and so forth.
  7. rpierce2010

    12 Quick Tips To Search Google

    I thought I was going to be stupid but most of them I knew. however I usually still do the basic search hehehehe.
  8. rpierce2010

    10 mistakes to avoid when posting a comment

    Wow, some of those items, I try to always follow the rules the poster sets. They always know if you are spamming. I have never heard of the checking up on who you are though, seems tedious and time consuming, just do not let the comment go through.
  9. rpierce2010

    What Draws You To A Blogging Site?

    I am not saying anything against you or bad, but there must have been something wrong with your site too take months like maybe content or something. It has never taken me more than a few days to get indexed.
  10. rpierce2010

    Microsoft Office Goes Free!

    you are right about that one hehehehe
  11. rpierce2010

    What Draws You To A Blogging Site?

    yea free should be free and should bring you back to the site. then they can ask you to join something or see if u want to buy something.
  12. rpierce2010

    Microsoft Office Goes Free!

    Not to fight with you cause I agree with most of it but you can't create (copy and paste) a link in a cell in the spreadsheet. If the MS version that is free can do it then.................
  13. rpierce2010

    Microsoft Office Goes Free!

    I personally find much to be desired from google docs. There are many things I need and they just dont have. I hope MS office does and I do not have to pay for it. I will just keep using 2007 if I have too.
  14. rpierce2010

    What Draws You To A Blogging Site?

    I have never had a problem getting indexed with WP.
  15. rpierce2010

    How many backlinks do I need?

    What tool is telling you that you have 7000 yahoo vs 10 google links? It is probably normal and not accurate.