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  1. Seo Writer

    Adding Amazon To Your Blogger Blog

    Randy, good information, but remember do not give Nick any information that he can use to sandbox your site or copy your niche. This dude is broke and will try to take all of your stuff if you let him.
  2. Seo Writer

    Wii Fit Accessories Squidoo Lens

    Yeah I'll make sure to do that so that you will have something to copy when I do.
  3. Seo Writer

    Netflix and Wii Combine Their Awesomeness

    I think you need to learn how to spell. THERE is THEIR it is something belonging to someone dumbass!
  4. Seo Writer

    New in affiliate marketing...

    The only thing that you will want to watch out for when you are doing affiliate marketing is for someone who will steal your keywords if you let them. There was a person one time who stole my keywords and the methods that I was using to promote my Amazon niche site. I had put a lot of hard work into the site and building it up only to have that hard work shot down by someone that I trusted.
  5. This might sound crazy, but I did not realize until recently that you could check your stats for the articles that you submit at ezinearticles.com. I mean I knew that you could check how many views your article has and your clickthrough rate and all of the rest of the things that are visible, but I never paid attention to the fact that you could click on the different stats and find out which keywords you are being found under as well as where you links are being clicked on (article body or resource box). There are a lot of neat things that you can do if you get in there and play around.
  6. Seo Writer

    Where Do You Research For Writing?

    That is true. Google trends can provide you with the latest information so if you own sites and want to find out what the hottest trends are to put on your blogs or write articles about then you can check out the hottest searches that are being done on Google by going to http://google.com/trends/hottrends
  7. When you are writing there is a certain amount of research that has to be done in order to have an idea about the topic you are writing about. There are methods of online research as well as methods of offline research that you can do in order to have effective writing. I usually do my research by going to authority sites that have information on the subject I am writing about, but I know that everyone has their own way of doing research. I was wondering what sites the people here at Massivelinks are using to do their research for writing?
  8. Seo Writer

    Traffic From GoArticles.com

    Goarticles.com has been around for a while now and is a popular place to submit articles. I just do not think that there are that many people who read the articles that are being submitted at Goarticles like there is at ezinearticles.com I have always had a lot of success with my articles no matter where they are submitted, but it seems that I do not get as much traffic to Goarticles. You are right Kari, spreading your articles around to different directories is a good thing to do, but you want to make sure that you are changing each article up a little bit so that each one is unique and you have a better chance of getting ranked high for the keyword that the article is focused on.
  9. Seo Writer

    Please Don't Be Like This Guy

    Well I guess that is one way to go about it, but you will want to break the article up into a bunch of choppy paragraphs so that you will be able to spread the links out more. 7 links is a little bit too much for a 400 word blog post. I would probably try to stretch it out to 700 words and put one link per 100 words. If you need any more help with this then please let me know.
  10. Seo Writer

    Squidoo ranking not easy now?

    Thank you for the kind words. I spent a lot of time learning from some of the best in the business when it comes to Squidoo, and I was able to take the tips and knowledge that they were teaching me and apply it. The best way to get good at doing something is to first learn it and then apply what you have learned. If your first lens is not that great then try again using what you learned from your first attempt. If you keep learning from your mistakes then you will great at anything that you do.
  11. Seo Writer

    Amazon Vs Adsense Niche Sites

    I believe that if you can find a CPA offer that goes along with your Amazon products then you will have a good combination of things to offer which will lead to better conversions on the traffic that you are getting.
  12. Seo Writer

    Automatic Following on twitter?

    Well, if you ask me it is a disadvantage to the marketer who is not using it. It is also very stupid of that marketer who is not using it to complain about it not being fair. If you have the opportunity to get your products and services in front of people then as a marketer this is a dream come true. The marketer who thinks that it is a disadvantage to not auto follow and auto unfollow people is right. It is a disadvantage and they should take every step necessary to put themselves on even playing ground with the rest of the marketers who have helped run Twitter into the ground.
  13. Seo Writer

    Bouncing Page Rank

    Well you are the SEO expert so I figure you are all over what Google likes and doesn't like. Please keep us up to date on how the PR of this site is going to go over the next couple of months. I am interested to know. Thank You.
  14. Seo Writer

    Do What You Are Best At

    You are right Randy TRUST is a big thing. You have to be able to trust the person that you are working with. If you ask them to start pulling their weight with something that they are going to get 50% of the profits from and they are busy off creating Squidoo lenses and articles to focus on a niche that you as an individual are successful in then your partnership is not going to work. You will do a lot of results sharing and sharing stats within your partnership, but your partner should not be using those results to try to conquer the new website that you have built. This is very selfish and does nothing to help the partnership. You also want to make sure that your partner is making money online already. If you are going to partner up with someone who is trying to get a job at Walmart then you might want to take the hint that they are having money issues and stay away from them. Money issues will cause someone to lie about being able to pay you the money that they owe you. Then before you know it you have written a lot of articles for someone that your partner has found as a client and you don't get paid because your partner says that the guy was a scam. You can end up losing a lot of money if you do not find the right partner to work with. If you are posting on a forum with someone then they should not be stealing your ideas to use for post of their own. If you sit by and let someone steal your ideas for long enough then pretty soon everyone starts thinking that the partner who is vocalizing their ideas originally came up with them. The number one thing to remember is to not let your partner steal all of your ideas. If you are going to be opening sites together then make sure that half of the domains are registered in your name so that if the partnership does not work you can walk away with something instead of nothing. Especially if all of the domains were built using your ideas. I have seen some crazy things over the past year that I have been working online and have experienced a bad partnership so everything that I am telling you in this post comes from personal experience. If you do not want to get burned then pay attention to what you are doing or you will end up wasting a lot of time and losing a lot of money.
  15. Seo Writer

    Now What?

    Thanks for the advice Nick, I am glad that your site rebounded from it's fall off. I have never seen a site go from being #55 to being #125 in a matter of a few hours ago, so it is very encouraging to hear that yours bounced back. If you have any more tips that I might be able to try to move it up some please share them with me I am interested in learning everything that you can share with me.