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  1. elgharib2008

    List Of Ways Google Catches Clicking On Your Own Ad

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    Any site Banned from Yahoo! Search?

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    The top 10 directories?

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    Best social network for traffic?

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    Get Huge Free Traffic From Youtube

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    Is Yahoo traffic better than Google traffic?

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    How to get traffic from Yahoo Answers

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    Yahoo traffic 98% , but google 2%

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    And how do you promote your Facebook group?

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    Any site Banned from Yahoo! Search?

    Has anyone ever got banned from yahoo search, what was the reason for that ? and how did you get your site re-included ?
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    How to get traffic from Yahoo Answers

    Hello! I saw post, where any people from this forum write: "Answer in Yahoo Answers, you can get traffic". Where, what I can answer to get a lot traffic from it ?
  12. elgharib2008

    Yahoo traffic 98% , but google 2%

    Not sure why is this happening , my site fully operate on 1 Aug 2006 , and i have been focusing on google traffic , but last week my traffic increase to 1490 uniq per day , with yahoo the best main provider with 98% of the traffic and google seems only take 2% share .. Now i am focus on yahoo .. i think too many people are going to google but for me , i am sure i can get 5k uniq per day from yahoo in the next 2 months. Anyone have any idea , why yahoo ranks well and google not indexed well .. thanks for any comments
  13. I have been receiving a number of hits on my sites recently from Yahoo and have noticed a large conversion percentage, so I did some musing as to why Yahoo traffic might convert better; 1 - Google is the search engine for the masses so everyone uses it and the majority of your hits will just be "surfers", looking for something interesting and staying on sites for 0-5 seconds 2 - Yahoo users are probably a bit more descerning Internet users and are more likely to be looking for what they find and consequently stay on the site for longer, and may well convert 3 - Yahoo users may be of a breed who have become disheartened by all the rubbish that Google tries to force on users and are after a search engine that just gives results, so they use Yahoo to find your site and are serious about what they click on Nonetheless, I have seen a marked increase in my conversion rate and I will no longer rule out Yahoo as a powerful search tool for my websites