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  1. jr_sci

    10000+ free directory List

    My directory is not added out there in the list. Kindly update your list with my free web directory. www.directory.hiraseo.com PR1. Thanks and regards.
  2. jr_sci

    forum to host

    Hey buddy, I wish I could help you. You can sign up with my hosting company. We offer unlimited broadband. www.hostgudu.com You will get an unlimited account for just $3.98.
  3. jr_sci

    Do copy paste content matter ?

    I will surely do rpierce2010. Just a question. If we use duplicate content in article directories, and have a backlink from there, will it affect our site? I mean will Google see to it that the backlink we have is from a site with duplicate content.
  4. jr_sci

    Do copy paste content matter ?

    I am really busy in some SEO and Content development projects so couldn't find enough time to come to this forum but I love you guys and I am happy with the way the forum is going.
  5. jr_sci

    Mixing Up Back Links

    May be you are right. Should I conclude that white hat seo is loosing it's value now-a-days? Should we concentrate on Grey hat seo instead? I mean not black het seo for sure, but do you think Google might penalise sites for using grey hat seo as well?
  6. jr_sci

    Should I go with www.hostso.com?

    Thanks for your concern Nick. If I don't get any good replies here, I might change my mind and think of shifting to your server. My requirements are not that high. I just need a fast hosting whom I can rely upon and atleast 10 SQL databases at a cheap price. If everything goes well, then I will be glad to shift to your server. By the way, what's the minimum cost in your server?
  7. jr_sci

    Mixing Up Back Links

    To be true I didn't know that using only one anchor text can harm SERP of our site. I normally do a few keyword snalysis and then pick up a few good keywords. After that, I post them as anchor texts. I normally choose 2-4 keywords. Hope it's not going to be a problem in my SERP ranking.
  8. I was searching for a hosting company whose monthly fee is less than $1. I came up with this company and I strongly feel that this company meet my requirement. Do have a look at their basic plan and tell me, if I should go with this hosting or there are other hosts better than this with the same price range. www.hostso.com
  9. jr_sci

    Google Caffeine Comming To Your Desktop Soon!

    If Google starts giving importance to old sites then it is definitely going to be a problem for me as my sites are very new. I have seen that my, www.hmds.co.nr is ranked adead of many Good and reputed sites when I search for my name in Google. This is he first site I made when I didn't know anything about internet, web designing or web development. This was just a test site. Moreover this is just a free site with a free domain name. Even though, Google thinks this site is more important than my other new sites on TLD. This ranking is purely on the basis of Domain age I suppose. I think Google has already started the modifications.
  10. jr_sci

    Which is the best place to sell EBooks?

    See your rpely, Nick, I feel that selling ebooks is not a business for me. Since I am busy with my seo work, I will be able to devote very less time for Ebook promotion through clickbank, creasting sales letter etc. I better concentrate on a particular work for now. Thanks for giving me some valuable ideas Nick. I got the point. If we are intended to work on a particular niche, then we should completely devote our time and energy on that work. We should not just try out all kinds of money making ideas on the net.
  11. So, using the keywiord in the name field shall act as the anchor text. Google put a lot of stress on anchor texts to rank websites. Just make enough keyword research and find out the best keywords for your blog and then start your blog commenting campaign. Find some keywords with maximum search results and at the same time those keywords should have less competition or else you will need to work double or triple to get desired results.
  12. jr_sci

    affiliate or viral marketing?

    Yes I totally agree with you Nick. Keyword research is perhaps the most important factor in Internet Marketing. You must make sufficient research on keywords, that has highest number of searches made per month and at the same time you should see to it that there are not enough competitors for you.
  13. jr_sci

    Google Caffeine Comming To Your Desktop Soon!

    I feel there won't be much differance in their ranking strategies. Now, Google mainly ranks a website based on backliks. Well, at least people say they does. Even I am confused, if backlinks alone shall help us to get on top !! I strongly feel that Google shall introduce some minor changes in their caffeine search engine like, putting equal stress on keywords in the content and backlinks at the same time.
  14. jr_sci

    Google Voice

    I have never heard of this before. This is really going to be a Cool feature from Google. I went to their site and it says that the service is coming soon. I guess, Google guys get more creative ideas than Yahoo or Microsoft. Do you think Google Voice will come with conferance facility?
  15. jr_sci

    Where to promote our forums?

    I just followed your link and became a fan. I don't use facebook frequently thought but I guess massivelinks is doing great to spread it's network. When I will visit my facebook profile, I get to see the latest blog post from massivelinks. Well, thats great.