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  1. dWhite

    Hello All

    Hi there leopard, welcome to Massive Links. Have a look around and jump in on the discussions.
  2. dWhite

    Should I keep my registrar and host separate?

    Personally I found having your domain and website hosting registered with the same company provides extremely poor support and doesn't give you a plan that you would normally like or require. I register domains through Godaddy and hosting with T35, and I have never had an issue before, unlike when I had hosting with Godaddy at the same time is when I was having issues nearly every single week.
  3. Granted, somewhat 90% of the human brain is still unknown. It's amazing what humans have thought up and invented in the past century alone, imagine what we will do as we discover more of the human brain in the next century.
  4. dWhite

    Suggestion for forums

    Thanks Fabio, but what I meant was that every top-level forum like that should be able to be posted in.
  5. dWhite

    Review my Webmaster Blog

    I started this blog back in January (it was originally a business and internet marketing blog, but scrapped that) and now it's a webmaster blog dedicated to helping both novice and expert webmasters get ahead in the game. http://www.blackwaterblog.com/ I know about the issues of browser compatibility and browser issues with the site (such as overlapping issues and misalignments).
  6. dWhite

    Webmaster Mistakes

    Haha yes, I've done this before too. I think I've found my nice little nest of sites, which is currently 4. But if I can't manage a site any longer, I'll try to sell it and if I can't that is when I will just dump it and forget it.
  7. I'd say 1-2 for every 1000 members, maybe more if theres a ton of spam coming in. I've also seen mods that were drunk with power and trigger happy like no tomorrow. One of those places is called DigitalPoint. I've seen so many people getting banned there for ridiculous reasons, especially myself. Like just recently an acquaintance of mine got banned on DP for "bumping a thread" when he only made 1 post (the thread) and didn't show up again for 2 weeks. He got banned for bumping with 1 post, which is all he had...ever. Now, myself, I got banned even before I could confirm my account and still never got the confirmation email. <-lol Well right now the way I have my forum setup, I plan to maintain a friendly webmaster community with friendly staff and remain lenient, however that doesn't mean people who act a fool will slip away. And trust me, if my staff starts becoming trigger happy I'll be the first to revoke their moderator status in a heartbeat.
  8. dWhite

    Free hosting or paid hosting

    Free hosting is good for small personal websites or class school projects, or just something to have a website on if you can't afford paid. If you plan to run scripts that require databases, you would definitely need paid hosting. Also if you plan to run a business, paid hosting is the only professional option available.
  9. dWhite

    Windows Live Mail

    It came pre-packaged in my laptop with Windows Vista, but I never really tried it out. I use Gmail, and the occasional mail systems offered in cPanel. Does look interesting though.
  10. dWhite

    Battlestar Galactica

    I love this show. I followed it from the first pilot episodes in 2003 of the cylon attack against the colonies, to the very last episode and the ending of the show period. What about anyone else? Anyone else enjoy this show as much as me?
  11. dWhite

    Suggestion for forums

    Forums like this: http://forum.massivelinks.com/web-development/ Should allow people to have general discussions of web development in it. This should apply to all forums also, so if someone wants to make a thread that doesn't fit in any of the sub-forums they can make it in the top level forum.
  12. dWhite

    Question regarding number of PMs

    Are the number of PMs limited based on post count? I am just curious as of right now I'm only allowed 5 and what if a spammer decides to join up and fills my inbox disallowing possible important messages from getting through?
  13. dWhite

    Webmaster Mistakes

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but couldn't see any other place to put it. How many of you have made webmaster mistakes at all, for any reason? Once on my webmaster forum a few months ago I thought I had made a fresh backup of the site and went and wiped out all the files to reupload them to fix a problem. Come to find out I didn't make a backup and I had to resort to a 2 week old backup. I also once made the mistake of trying blackhat SEO, which really screwed me over in Google.
  14. dWhite

    .COM or .NET

    I've also made that mistake, only to find out that the .net domain I bought had the same name as a .com and I got little to no traffic.
  15. dWhite

    HarvestLink the link directory (my first php site)

    Load time was decent, especially connecting to a German server from the United States. As for the looks of it...you need to give it a MAJOR overhaul. Starting with that background image, get rid of it and maybe use a solid color. On the submission page, you need to darken the text. I could barely read it as I'm using an Ultrabright widescreen laptop monitor and couldn't see the font straight on (had to tilt my head way down just to see). Continuing on the submission page, the content should be centered and not off way to the left.