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  1. kaethy

    DNS for email?

    First, I haven't been around the forum for ages, so, hi to anyone who remembers me. I volunteered to redo a website for a nonprofit. They are using Google Sites now, I'm going to put them on a regular hosting plan and use WordPress. But they have their org emails going thru the Google site, with the org name. Example; kathy@nonprofit.org. They don't want to make any changes to the email accounts. I asked a question in the Google sites forum, and I got this response; "Make sure you add the google MX records on your new hosting company's nameservers." And....I have no idea what that means. Can anyone tell me what I'm supposed to do? Oh, and once I point the domain name to the new host account, does anyone know how I can figure out the Google site url?
  2. kaethy

    Yahoo Pulls Plug on Geocities

    I used Geocities originally to share my computer desk design. Then someone here told me about Adsense and I switched to a hosted site with Adsense. That was about 2 years ago, and I put a link on the Geocities site to the new site. Last month I got 265 visits therough the Geocities site. There are actually a lot of Geocities sites with a wealth of info on them.
  3. kaethy

    Sad news

    I haven't been around much lately, many of you don't even know me. But the long time members do. My bright and beautiful 31 year old daughter died Monday. I can't believe she is gone.
  4. kaethy

    US Election.

    That's a Rove strategy. Turn your opponents strength into a negative.
  5. kaethy

    Sarah Palin.

    1) Can she really see Russia from her house and did she say that? No, and maybe 2) Did she really win a beauty contest? How long ago was it? 30 years? Yes, don't know the date 3) Why does she like Oil drilling so much? Because Alaska has lots of oil. 4) What does Moose taste like? I don't know, never tried it. 5) Does she make a nice cup of coffee? Does she even make coffee at all? How does she have time? 6) We she want to redecorate the Whitehouse if McCain wins? No, she wans to revamp the powers of the VP.
  6. kaethy

    My First Wordpress Theme

    Thanks , I was worried it was too plain, so that's encouraging I am not completely done yet though, just looking for feedback right now. I want to add a couple more things, and I'm waiting on a plugin that will work with the selling idea. And I still have to figure out how to zip it up!
  7. kaethy

    My First Wordpress Theme

    This is my first theme that I really put together myself. I made it with Ebay sellers in mind, so people could use it to see stuff on their own sites without paying Ebay fees. I know the design is very plain, my focus was on creating a basic theme I could build on later. So with that in mind, what do you think? http://kalaxy.com/
  8. kaethy

    Why did this sidebar drop?

    Fixed, with some help http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=562100
  9. kaethy

    Why did this sidebar drop?

    Yes, there was one WP upgrade since first installation. The pages display the sidebar correctly. I'm wondering if I could rebuild the index page starting with a page. But I'm really not good enough at WP yet to know what I'm doing. I am using sidebar widgets instead of the default sidebar.
  10. kaethy

    Why did this sidebar drop?

    Well, thanks for trying
  11. kaethy

    Barack Obama

    Well, that's all anyone can do before actually being president isn't it? I mean whoever wins, we won't know if they are capable until after they get in. Other countries official leaders always play nice, whoever comes to visit. But the public does what they want. When Bush goes to Europe, instead of thousands of people coming out to greet him, thousands take to the streets to protest. Bush could not have made a speech out in the open like Obama did. This is a reflection of what Europeans think of our foreign policy over the last 8 years. What kind of response do you think McCain would get? I don't agree the press treats him like the president. I think they are just covering his campaign. Some are more favorable, some not so much. Seems to me they pick on anything just to create a story when there isn't one. Like when Obama misspoke & said Israel when he clearly meant America. I heard it introduced on the news as his biggest gaffe. I thought "Oh, what did he say?" Geez, it was much ado about nothing. McCain has gone on trips, and they were covered in the news too. Mostly to Iraq, but also to Columbia, and Canada. What was the point of going to Columbia? What does he accomplish on his trips to Iraq?
  12. kaethy

    Why did this sidebar drop?

    http://dickdeshaw.com/ I set this wordpress site up for a friends friend a few months ago and then forgot about it. Today I got an email that the sidebar on the home page has dropped. I don't know when it happened, or why. I tried playing around with the content and sidebar widths in the CSS and couldn't figure it out.
  13. kaethy

    Barack Obama

    I'm pretty sure Jasper meant that obama gives the impression of being up to the job overall, not just his physical appearance. If he didn't go to Iraq McCain would continue to criticize him for that. Now that he did go, he's being criticized for going. Can someone explain to me why it's a bad thing for foreign countries to actually like our leaders?
  14. kaethy

    Are you using Foxmarks ?

    http://www.foxmarks.com/ I installed this Firefox extension so my desktop bookmarks would be available on my laptop. It does that well. I realized the other day that it's also a backup of my bookmarks. And I have a LOT of bookmarks So if you have a lot of bookmarks, I recommend it.