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  1. Luckystar

    Conversion Has Been Done!

    Yes! Posting works now! I was on here awhile back and it didn't. Like the conversion, and hope to be able to be around more!
  2. Luckystar

    Why is America falling apart?

    I think it's safe to say this thread can provide no further use to the forum. This is nothing more than a mere opinion/rant and surely doesn't need it's own thread. Judging by the false link, I'd say it wasn't really started so in depth discussion could occur. If you would like to start a thread about important updated American affairs, or it's economy, feel free to do so. Try to make every thread create, and every thing you post have substance and meaning so other community members can contribute and benefit from the discussion. Any more questions regarding the matter in general or others should be PM'ed to a mod. Thanks!
  3. Luckystar

    Are there any Internet TV Channels?

    I'm not sure the exact guidelines, but most record labels post their clients music videos online. This is completely legal since they belong to them, A lot of people re-post those on their accounts. I have no idea what the guidelines of these are as I have never looked, good idea for a rainy day though.
  4. Luckystar

    Are there any Internet TV Channels?

    90% of the time they are deleted. Usually, if the company ask for it to be taken down personally. A lot of videos get added there, if it's not flagged there's a good chance it'll stay up.
  5. Luckystar

    Best way to learn Photoshop

    I use Photshop Pro 9. It's a good software, I'd consider using it. Learning photoshop is a very handy skill to have.
  6. Luckystar

    Are there any Internet TV Channels?

    Unless the TV show is on the official website, 90% of the time it is illegal to watch recorded TV shows. (For whatever reason) I'd be careful.
  7. Luckystar

    can you share

    They probably hold contracts which means you have to pay them regardless for a specific amount of time. That's the main reason they have coupons like that.
  8. Luckystar


  9. Luckystar

    Little Reminder

    Hello MassiveLinks Users! When a member ask you a question regarding a host, we ask you at least attempt to answer that question before you go off naming other host that you believe are better. This isn't a good way of promotion, and helps no one. This is helps you, and the member. Some examples will be posted below. ___________ Is cyberhost, a good host? Q: I've recently started using CyberHost, and I've run into a few problems. I was wondering if they were a reliable host or if other people were running into problems with them. This is an example of a good answer: A: I also used CyberHost in the past. I did run into problems and decided to quit. I would get out of there ASAP. Bad Answer: I have no experience with CyberHost, but I'd go with Hosting24. Their support is excellent! _____________ You get the basic idea I hope. We've seen a lot of this going on lately. Although it isn't a major problem, we ask you attempt to answer or support the user before endorsing your host. If you have any further questions or comments about this, please PM me or another mod. Thanks, Jake & Team
  10. Luckystar

    Blogger gadget!

  11. Luckystar

    Computer Crime is still a crime

    Really guys, I don't want to be closing perfectly good threads because you guys can't lay off the link dropping. Use the marketplace if you want to advertise, not the forum itself.
  12. Luckystar

    do you need ... ?

    ^ What Fabio said. It sounds more impressive on your host's part when you get unlimited things. Makes you feel like your getting your moneys worth.
  13. Luckystar

    A New look for the forum?

    I have mixed feelings, it may just need to grow on me.
  14. Luckystar


    Welcome to Massivelinks!
  15. Luckystar

    So, what registrar would you choose?

    Ling, please stop dropping that link it is considered spam, since I already went and deleted all your post yesterday it is common sense. If anybody sees ling spamming intentionally, or anybody for that matter, please report the post and further disciplinary action will taken.

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