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  1. This past few weeks I've eating hotdogs with bread and milk during breakfast. Is this healthy?
  2. regmac

    3500 Calories = 1 Pound

    Now that's very helpful for me. I been trying to lose some weight this past few weeks. However, I am not so sure how much I burned and how much I take. I think the equation above will help me with it. Thanks.
  3. regmac

    Any of you going to the gym?

    I am doing military push ups and jogging regularly.
  4. regmac


    Inspiration sometimes awakens someone's potential.
  5. I take vitamins during breakfast and so that makes me safe from all this findings. I think it'll be a lot more better to take vitamins before any stressful activities. This will fuel your body and allow it to respond to heavy tasks correctly. As I have known that vitamins are being used to boost energy, to help you do better at anything so at the end the day you're not so exhausted and stressed out.
  6. regmac

    Bat Rolling Site

    Hmmm.. Two contrasting ideas about a business that offers bat rolling service. Now, you guys really got me confuse.
  7. regmac

    Is meditation useful?

    Meditation helps improve your focus and clear away the stress and tension that occurs each and every day of our lives.
  8. regmac

    Smokers die Young

    A friend of mine stop smoking as he says to me but after a few days, I caught him smoking. He told me that his body reacted to the sudden change and caused him to feel ill. -- If you are a heavy smoker, I think the best way to stop it is to slowly decrease the number of sticks burn in a day.
  9. regmac

    which quiz tool should I choose?

    I think this'll be useful for you http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/
  10. regmac

    Introducing new Greens in town

    Nice blog you have there. Would you like to link exchange with my successful investments blog?
  11. regmac

    Why Aren't my Articles Being Approved?

    Yeah, I agree. Articles should serve as helpful items to read on article directory. If submitters use it mainly for promotion purpose, they'll most likely fail.
  12. I've been visiting seotoolset for some checks that I wanted to perform.. And so far, it's awesome..
  13. regmac

    Dofollow links for your site

    I really need that list.. Is it updated? Thanks..
  14. I think you guys need to know this aside from the importance of anchor text.. Read this. http://www.seobook.com/google-branding
  15. regmac

    Link Building for SEO

    Aside from the list, I also participate on social community which really gives me instant backlinks and sometimes traffic..