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  1. cyanide

    .co.uk headache

    Excellent info, ultimate I had forgotten you went through a similar issue. Your info helps alot, I am working on it now
  2. cyanide

    CMS Made Simple

    No, as I have never used it. However, it is not terribly uncommon for multiple css files to be used for different things. Example: 1 for fonts, 1 for design structure, 1 for sizes, etc...
  3. cyanide

    .co.uk headache

    Thanks guys, Do you know why the e-mail address for the Administrative contact doesn't show up, when doing a whois lookup?
  4. cyanide

    .co.uk headache

    Anyone ever use http://www.123-reg.co.uk ? Have a client that has a domain with them and cannot login to manage it Support requests have gone un-answered. And attempts to get the password, requires either 1) username and email address 2) domain and email address 3) domain and last 4 digits of credit card For most registrars, entering a domain, sends an email with password to the administrative contact for the domain. But, when doing a whois lookup, it doesn't even include the email address :confused:
  5. cyanide

    Domain Registry of America

    They seem to be sending them within a few months of a domain's expiry. In Canada, we have The Domain Registry of Canada, I guess it's the same company. I am not so sure I would call it a scam, although it is at the very least very shady way of doing business. I have a client that fell for it. I told them to contact them, to get their money back. The client never responded to the transfer request, so it never did get transferred. The company did refund her credit card... which I was pretty surprised!
  6. cyanide

    Canada Biggest Oil Supplier to US.

    Yes, Alberta is booming. I have a couple clients out there that can't find staff, because they cannot compete with the high wages of the oil industry
  7. cyanide

    CMS Made Simple

  8. cyanide

    CMS Made Simple

    Yes, the "nukes" are two of the worst cms programs out there. They may have been 2 of the first, but time certainly has passed them by. I am partial to joomla/mambo rsharrer's link will take you to a site that will let you demo just about all that are out there
  9. Hi Anthony, Ummmmm, I'm not sure if there is anything else to say. Maybe if you ask questions, we can go from there. The only other thing I would mention, is that with a vps, you are hard-capped by usage (RAM, cpu) - (eg. 250mb ram/cpu ) - and if you reach that amount your server could crash and/or your sites will shut down. Whereas if you are sharing a dedicated server, that has 2g ram/cpu then you hypothetically have 4x the amount of burst. Ofcourse, in this scenario, if you are consistently this high, the host will probably kick you off for using too much cpu. The only way to really know, is to give it a go. You won't know for sure, unless you see it in action. I might start with moving your busiest site to the vps, to see how it handles.
  10. There's a few things, when it comes to a vps Because it is similar to a dedicated server, you will have access to the configuration files of Apache and MySQL. By default they are not optimized, to fully take advantage of its power. The other issue, which pertains to vps running cpanel, is some of the services that are running. For example, turning off Mailman and Webalizer will free up some resources. With bandwidth, its always a bit hard to tell. A quick way to figure out usage is to take the number of page views per month and multiply it by the average kb size of a web page and that will give you a rough estimate of bandwidth per month.
  11. The one thing you have to bear in mind with a vps, is it basically is like a dedicated server. You may not have to worry about a firewall, as there is most likely a hardware one covering the network. However, since you may be hosting some cpu intensive applications, then you will have to consider optimizing the vps. Just like when leasing or purchasing a dedicated server, it never comes optimized. Apache and MysQL If you are not familiar with shell, then you might have to look at hiring a system admin to tweak and optimize the vps
  12. cyanide

    DNS propagation

    Yes, it's not uncommon for dns to flip back and forth a couple times before fully propagating. I'm not seeing the "new server" unless you removed it
  13. cyanide

    The Divinci code

    haha, yeah... there's a few games out, even a Video Game
  14. cyanide

    The Divinci code

    I have no opinion on the subject at the moment. I haven't read the book, nor am I sure if I will see the movie. There certainly is plenty of hype about it. However, I am involved with the Producers of The Da Vinci Code Game
  15. cyanide

    Mysql backup

    It's always better to do the database first. Act quickly and load balance them first with the database on the new server. that way, the chance of lost posts or any data, is virtually eliminated.