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    A boss was educating an employee on effective sales technique. "The main thing to remember is that repetition, repetition, repetition is the keynote!" he advised. "If you have a product to sell, keep harping on it in every possible way, cram it down people's throats and beat them over the head with it! Above all, don't ever forget to repeat and repeat and repeat! It's the only way to get results!" "Yes, sir!" the employee answered. "And now, what was it you came in to see me about?" the boss asked. The employee replied, "An increment! An increment! An increment! An increment! An increment! An increment! An increment!"
  2. alexisnicholson

    6 SEO Predictions for 2014

    Next Google Page rank update to be expected in between June - august . Its very crucial for us as we had redesigned our site and getting good feedback so we hope some positive results from Google as well.
  3. alexisnicholson

    Link Building the Right Way in 2014

    Now, we have to start thinking outside the box and leverage unconventional tactics that will boost website rankings.Using a bit of creativity and following Google’s guidelines,We can continually boost your rankings with a long-lasting positive outcome.
  4. alexisnicholson

    What's your greatest fear?

    I am scared of height could not look below from great heights .
  5. alexisnicholson

    Happy New Year

    My personal New Year goal is to overcome my bad habits of short temper and smoking , rest things are going good.
  6. alexisnicholson

    6 SEO Predictions for 2014

    The factors which will be major factors to get top ranking . 1. CTR 2. Bounce Rate 3. Social media signals 4. Organic keyword search
  7. alexisnicholson

    12 Quotes From Matt Cutts That Changed Link Building

    The above image say's it all. But certainly good links never loose its credibility.
  8. alexisnicholson

    5 Rocking Hashtag Tools

    Thanks for sharing these hash-tag tools all seems good , i will check one by one.
  9. Some Spam guest blogger dragged Matt's attention to the scenario but Organic guest bloggers need not worry about in my opinion , but in case someone already created tons of backlinks with the help of guest blogging, then it is alert from Matt to correct those spam links as soon as possible.
  10. alexisnicholson


    I understand the power of quality backlinks , In my past SEO Experience i noticed that you need to customize strategy of link building site by site . Do not start on the go and just building the links in bulk . use proper diversified anchor text and ratio of DF/NF Links.
  11. alexisnicholson

    How to do onpage seo for very huge websites

    Websites like directories and local listing portals generally have almost similar content varying just city or state with service or product. So It become complicated if you have 1k- 5k pages for writing unique Page content along with meta tag .
  12. alexisnicholson

    How blog is beneficial for SEO ?.

    If blog is internal to your website and share a subdomain then it would be most benificial.
  13. alexisnicholson

    How to do onpage seo for very huge websites

    Hello all seo experts , i have one current scenario for on page seo , If website has more than 1000 pages then one can not insert unique keywords and description to the page even content. What is best solution to this issue . Our expert designers and developers finalized a very big directory but we stuck at the seo conflict.
  14. You just collect data to promote your website in flourish meanwhile website grows under maintenance and Try to optimize on page seo factors , ctr and design factors .