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  1. Yes I believe that RDFa will win in the end. As to how we determine what's needed... is it a blog? is it an ecommerce site selling blue widgets? is it an organization? You have seen the LOD cloud right? There are a number of things that can be done... and there is no 'cookie cutter' one size fits all Semantic data tool / hard fast set of rules... ABT! (always be testing)!
  2. I'll call BS on schema being the definitive answer... As Tim Berners-Lee invented RDFa and also sits at the head of the W3C... (who will eventually make the call). .02 We use both for our clients right now, but it just depends on the situation as to whats necessary.
  3. no. You would need to do your homework and figure it out which is why most that are chasing links will fall by the wayside... (that's the beauty really) .02
  4. The amount of code that is added to the page is nominal. In terms of slowing a page down for Google's PageSpeed requirements.
  5. Just curious to see how many of you have heard of RDFa? Are any of you using it with great success? Have you run any tests? I'll share one really quick: Client A was receiving about 135k visitors over any given 30 day reporting period. We redesigned the site with a responsive design and implemented RDFa throughout... not a single backlink was built. 72hrs later I got, quite possibly, the best message from Google EVER! Traffic has gone from 135k per 30 day period to 297k - conversions have also increased and our client has had to hire 5 new employees to handle the influx of new work. Also if you're wondering what this voodoo is that I'm talking about you can check out the infographic I posted below (very cursory) Or you can check out these posts Kung fu RDFa on our main site or Raw Data When do we want it? NOW! over on my old blog (it's ugly I know I never update it) The video from Tim Berners-Lee is well worth the watch! IMHO this is where the linkbuilding of the future is. DB infographic was too small to view on this system so here's the link to the full version
  6. NeO

    Blekko Gets A Big Redesign

    FABIO! NOOOOOOO! How are you going to keep track of trends / competitors of your clients using another SE? I'll be with google until they stop being the 2 largest SE's in the world. That's where the traffic & conversions are... .02
  7. NeO

    Goodbye SEOmoz. Hello Moz!

    I think it's ridiculousness... SEO at the root is Search Engine Optimization ~ meaning anything you do to optimize a site to increase rankings / conversions. Not limited to and including - Content creation, SEM, SMO, ORM, link building, link bait, infographics (for the sake of link building) etc... Also the term 'inbound marketing' is pedantic and I will not be changing over like the rest of the sheeple on Rand's bandwagon SEO was here first and inbound marketing isn't a fancy new iphone compared to the old home phones connected to a wall... at the end of the day it's still a freaking phone! </rant>
  8. NeO

    Content Marketing Strategy.

    Article submission to where? You guys have all heard about penguin and panda updates.... right? Hands down your best bet for IBL's is quality content... and sharing links to that quality content across your social media outreach is a great way to have other bloggers find and write (*see link to) about your content. The only type of article submissions that are worth anything right now are guest posts... and I don't see those as sticking around for that much longer! .02
  9. NeO


    Wow... old topic someone has keep going for 5 yrs - We tried to quit smoking probably 10 - 20 times since 2000, and I'm proud to say we've actually done it! With the help of a couple of electronic cigarettes Melanie (Trinity) and I haven't had a smoke in 61 days! Although I do have a humidor full of amazing cigars. I will keep those and ditch the cigarettes DB
  10. NeO

    Upgraded to Latest Forum Software

    I think it looks sexy Fabio
  11. NeO

    PR dropping?

    I'd be interested to know if your traffic took a dive? please read this next line OUT LOUD! PR doesn't matter... I will not obsess over PR! My site is good, and I have better things to do (like building quality content & links) than worry about PR! .02 DB
  12. NeO

    Conversion Has Been Done!

    looks like quick reply is "Fast Reply" on IPB Looks great bub! like the new look & features!
  13. How about some content for good 'ol Googlebot to read? LOL... Roland nailed it! it's pretty... but we all know pretty doesn't sell blue widgets .02 DB
  14. Hi Dave! glad you're excited few things to start with.... First when you say you have a few aff programs - where are you promoting them? On your own site? On a blogspot blog? Where is almost as important as the Why... If you can build a site of your own and build reviews, helpful information, etc... etc... around your two products - then you have something that folks will want to search for - Follow this simple formula- 1.) keyword research (who / how will your product be searched for?) once you find this... 2.) Build quality content around the keywords that you found in step 1. 3.) Leak the content out weekly (always building upon the quality base you started with) 4.) Submit your site to some free directories once you have some quality content up (otherwise you'll be denied and do all that work for nothing!) 5.) DO NOT SPAM on twitter! Build relationships, make friends, and they will come check out your site... Getting DM's w/ your offer is the same thing that I get 100 + times a day which results in an automatic unfollow and a report to the spam team. As far as MLM goes... good luck there - the sites that they give you are 100% duplicate content and will result in 0 pages indexed in Google - let alone a first page listing... If you want good results then you have to do it organically, there's no quick easy way to send thousands of people w/ credit cards in their hands to your site w/ the click of a mouse. .02 NeO