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  1. wrmineo

    50$ from content site

    Content is king and volume makes for a better monarchy For content, it's not always what you say, but how you say it. Breaking up longer content with shorter, fast, easy reading with appropriate heading usages helps guide a visitor quickly through even comprehensive content and the blending of ads into lengthy content is potentially profitable. Content, content and more content will bring SE traffic.
  2. wrmineo

    Landing Pages That Work

    Some great examples in there - thanks for sharing!
  3. Raising rates is not always a "kiss of death" so long as the increases are not excessive, reflect the changing quality (quality of product, support, service et al) and the necessity to change with economic times; further, raising rates on new clients and "grand-fathering" your current clients is often prudent - giving rewards to your loyal patrons goes a long way!
  4. I recently authored an article about Creating Landing Pages That Convert - your thoughts, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Content is still king and relevancy is still his crown ... that's the bottom line up front for me anyway.
  6. I sometimes use other freelance writers for research purposes to propel my own writing. While I'm looking for good researchers versus great writers, I still "bargain" shop, but most anyone that's ever worked for me, when they've done a good job, I've "tipped" them above their quoted rate - the fear of many is that such a practice will raise future job rates; I've never had a single freelancer raise rates on me even though they do so across the board ... they know I will reciprocate in kind the quality of their work with the amount I pay. Grateful and humble freelancers are happy to continue to offer me good prices because I pay and "tip" them for their efforts, not their stated rate per se.
  7. wrmineo

    11 Solid Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

    We humans are certainly creatures of habit, especially bad one. I think it was (Stephen) Covey who wrote a book on highly effective habits of successful people ... changing bad habits to good ones should be on the top of anyone's list as they seem to be the hardest to effect. "Taking time ..." who has any?
  8. wrmineo

    What Plugins do You Use on Your Wordpress Blog?

    The most important plug-in to any WP publisher in my opinion is any one that reduces spam for free, e.g. SI-CAPTCHA which greatly reduces spam comments by automated wannabe marketers. Other plugins I regularly use include: eZineArticles, SEO Ultimate, and some that are theme-specific. However, I am looking for a great, easy to use and integrate photo gallery ... any suggestions?
  9. wrmineo

    Any suggestions on this blog?

    Sorry, got an error - let us know when it's back up and live and we can critique
  10. wrmineo

    L5DG Redesign Needs Input

    We have gotten a lot of feedback about getting a good logo and our old one just doesn't suit this layout and theme ... any good suggestions for a logo or a good logo designer referral? Thanks in advance!
  11. wrmineo

    what is on-page seo

    On-page SEO contains those factors to which you can effect on-site to your website and its pages; this might include, but not limited to: effective page title effective use of headings good, relevant and well structured CONTENT (you cover may be judged, but the content must substantively support) effective, keyword relevant URL appropriate use of emphasized terms (keywords in bold, sparingly) internal, relevant linking relevant, outbound linking (to sources, resources, etc.) On-page SEO is not considered enough today in my opinion. While it is important to have relevant off-site, off-page SEO factors addressed where possible, we should not forget the importance of on-page factors; if content is king then put him up on a throne of relevant text.
  12. wrmineo

    Importance of SEO

    yes, and I would start and finish with that one
  13. wrmineo


    Tricky and fickle little business we find ourselves in sometimes ...
  14. wrmineo

    Which Browser Do You Use?

    I started using Firefox about four years ago and never looked back. The only reason I use other browsers is to check for web aesthetics and functionality if I'm working on a website.
  15. At your convenience, please take a look at the ongoing revamping of our webmaster services website. We are at a bit of an unspoken impasse - I don't want to elaborate and skew any remarks. Please give any input or suggestions you feel appropriate. Thank you and safe surfing! ® Rob