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  1. Crude Oil Trader

    How Increase web site traffic to my blog:

    Social networks are a great start, but make sure you include Delicious, Tumblr etc. Facebook and Twitter aren't getting the "juice" they once were.
  2. Crude Oil Trader

    Instant Approval Article site list?

    We have grown "leary" of the article posting sites. Is Google penalizing us just for posting on them?
  3. Crude Oil Trader

    Which hosting companies are reliable?

    I have heard some negative things but we have had great luck with Go daddy. No problems! :tup:
  4. Crude Oil Trader

    Survivor Gabon "Earth's Last Eden"

    Any Survivor fans out there? Survivor Gabon starts tonight, check out my Survivor blog at http://survivor-fan-blog.blogspot.com Every one is welcome to comment! :welcome:
  5. Crude Oil Trader

    website earning money

    Selling products is easier than you think since you don't have to do it yourself. You can open a Amazon aStore for free and go to work promoting the site. Let them do the hard work, filling the orders. We have a 1/2 dozen aStores that are starting to do pretty well. Besides Adsense doing a great job we have one group we work with on our financial sites. If you have a site that you could fit anything financial into you might want to contact them Here is a link...... https://ino.directtrack.com/affiliate_signup.html?super_affiliate_code=CD3116/
  6. Crude Oil Trader

    Hyphens or Not

    Since SEO could care less I think it depends on what your business is. If I was doing retail business where you are "Branding" a web address I would never use a hyphen. But for blogs and most other forums etc. it means nothing. Even though I did a test with my family and at a quick glance [which is how a lot of things go on on the internet] they were able to recognize a name or title faster with hyphens. Guess it just depends! :tup:
  7. Crude Oil Trader

    My Music site, what do you think ?

    Well songania, Your new site looks fantastic but the pop up ads were over welming! I understand we are all going to have ads on our sites. They are the only reason we are here. But take into consideration why Google is king and Microsoft can't get any market share. Google ads are discreet. Beautiful site though! :welcome:
  8. Crude Oil Trader

    Social Bookmarking Sites For Web Site Traffic

    I have had huge success with both Digg and Facebook. Especially my financial sites. Facebook almost has a pyramid type effect. :tup:
  9. Crude Oil Trader

    YouTube Users Beware!

    I don't mind them making a buck, it is just when it is getting out of hand. Google is getting ready to save our wallets but here comes the privacy issue with that. Who are we going to trust? I guess that is the question.
  10. Crude Oil Trader

    How to Choose a Domain Name

    Great idea! I just now did just that and came up with a couple more I had not found and they'll be perfect! :tup: