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  1. Megalomaniac

    Help me please to find cheap SEO hosting account

    SEO hosting can't be really cheap by definition. Some companies offer that as part of the service and some companies offer that as core service and I would recommend you to concentrate on the ones which provide that as core service. seohost.com is the one which have that as core service.
  2. Megalomaniac

    SSD host with low prices

    As far as I know kvchosting has such low prices because they have own facilities and Data Centers and do not rent anything.
  3. One of my clients need to get VPS in Bulgaria. Better if it has English speaking support. I have done research around the Market and only discovered that warez-host.com is the one. They are offshore hosting provider. Is there anyone who tried them?
  4. Megalomaniac

    VPS with SSD

    In my opinion you need to explain more what you are looking for. Or you just want to consider kvchosting as only option? If you can include more details in youyr request you will be able to get more recommendations based on it. Like hostwinds, knownvps are the ones you can check as well.
  5. Megalomaniac

    vps with discounts

    Why do you try to chose VPS services because of the discounts? That is wrong way! If you are looking for the decent VPS - have a look at superbithost.com. They do not have discounts, but they have good services.
  6. Megalomaniac

    Shared Hosting is Required

    For windows hosting I can recommend you: winhost.com aspnix.com For linux based: kvchosting.com hostgator.com
  7. Megalomaniac

    need to sign up with a quality shared hosting

    Before you sign up with any web hosting company you need to check all reviews about them and only then decide. In any case you need to be prepared for that fact that your own experience will be different then the one described in the review. From my past experience qhoster.com is the one I can recommend.
  8. Megalomaniac

    VPS deal to buy

    Before you start the search I think that would be a good idea to specify at least for yourself what kind of server you are looking for. Do you keep in mind your server specifications? From my end I can recommend you having a look at http://eboundhost.com/hosting/dedicated/ Good prices, good servers and fantastic support!
  9. Think 4goodhosting is definitely worth of attention as the VPS provider. They may meet the set requirements, but study the TOS first.
  10. Megalomaniac

    edomz program of advertising and monetizing

    Was interested by cost per view, and now see edomz.com as the potential way to go. Thanks for the information.
  11. Megalomaniac

    Any good web hosts offering Free domains?

    I think aspnix.com is the most reasonable to go among the named providers. Maybe just199.com is also worth of looking up.
  12. Megalomaniac

    adult hosts

    exmasters.com is the only one you need. Kidding, anyway this is the reliabel and worth host. May say they are really reasonable.
  13. Megalomaniac

    Best VPS Provider ?

    Indeed, there ar elots of good hopsts offering VPS. Imay suggest you considering santrex.net and hostingsource.com VPS solutions finding them the one of the most reasonable.
  14. Megalomaniac

    metered server

    Think exmasters.com is the good company to get service from. their deals are of quality and servers have tested stability
  15. Megalomaniac


    More efficient are to my mins the VPS deals provided by greenolivetree.net and also by hostingsource.com. Consider these hosts for comparison between each other and the company you were considering at once and see which are the better to go with.