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  1. JohnP


    so i heard many people want to get a VPN (virtual private network), any idea whats so good about it? apart from different host and IP of course
  2. JohnP

    How long you read you email?

    lol not bad~ seems like you guys are active posters or something which instantly replies for new posts in forums lol guess all forums posters are like that
  3. JohnP


    oh well~ nothing you can say i guess~ people even use it in mobile phones these days huh? still i wonder what kind of smilies people like the most~ classical or revolutionary lol
  4. JohnP


    you mean .asp scripted pages, forums and website? thats all for windows? man i was wondering a long time for such simple answer lol thanks
  5. JohnP

    What is the price of this domain?

    ever heard of namepros.com and sedo.com? those bidders can really go $500 for just a new established site and check their records which i'm pretty sure will give you a shock
  6. JohnP

    forum security

    hmm perhaps... but those won't last long as far as i know~ i mean you can often see people hacking new versions of systems. well for spam.... think regular check will be the only way indeed
  7. JohnP

    website earning money

    i see lol. guess i might turn a website or forum into ebay if i do that lol. still i think we still need visitors and customers in this case or it won't be useful
  8. JohnP

    getting advertisers

    well maybe lol. thanks for the suggestions. but any suggestions on getting some specific advertisers? as not all wanna advertise on your site sometime and want certain content
  9. JohnP

    movies~ which you prefer

    lol indeed, but some movies with overload effects are kinda annoying sometime~ but the good thing is they keep on improving now so we're going crazy for them
  10. JohnP

    maintaining account?

    well not sure about this~ but i heard most of them are legal forums/ website which did not have anything related to broken rule or something. i heard another saying is people overflood the ads and report them
  11. JohnP

    MSN messenger additional patch?

    well if you are a naughty guy~ you probably wanna nudge your friends or copy their style of chatting, those additional patches provide those functions, you just need to install more of their add ons
  12. JohnP

    Microsoft ups search investment in China

    yeah lol. for once i saw a 6 years old kid rule the entire computer company lol no kidding and was interviewed through CNN if i'm right that shows how good they are
  13. JohnP

    MSN and Yahoo Marry Messengers

    yeah i know~ just get a computer and get into the web and sign in. its simple. it relies on the host and ads they earn i think guess that site might stay quite long since its famous
  14. JohnP


    hostings, like hostgator or something. you can see most of them always have 2 options, linux hosting and windows hosting, but they always don't have windows hosting. any idea what are the differences between linux and windows hosting?
  15. JohnP

    Question About Dedicated Server!!

    hmm i don't think there's a trial like he said. after all, all hosting service wants to earn and get their customers~ like it and you stay~ if not, go get another~ thats their plan