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  1. Hi there..... I am just experimenting on this..... To market my website, what are the basis to choose the right keyword for every page of sites..? what should i do so that I will be the top in SERPs of my target keywords..? thanks for reply...
  2. Hi... I am new to this community and new to SEO.... i want to learn about this.... How can I build more links...??? what are the link building task I should do..?? what would be the effects of this on my website....???
  3. samuelwhalley

    help on this tag <input type="image">

    When submitting a form, it is possible to use an image instead of the standard submit button with a tag like: When the user clicks somewhere on the image, the accompanying form will be transmitted to the server with two additional variables: foo.x and foo.y. Because foo.x and foo.y would make invalid variable names in PHP, they are automagically converted to foo_x and foo_y. That is, the periods are replaced with underscores. So, you'd access these variables like any other described within the section on retrieving variables from outside of PHP. For example, $_GET['foo_x'].
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    How to add your RSS Feed hack...

    That was a good resources NEO....I like it! It helps my blog looks much better....
  5. Organic SEO is the SEM term for unpaid high ranking results on search engines. Organic SEO, also known as
  6. Hi there... somebody have an idea on how to get my files indexed by the search engines after a redesign where file names have changed? THANKS for any reply.....
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    Hi there....

    First of all, thanks massive links for accepting to be part of this community... I just like browsing internet that's why I found this forum and I think this would be a right place for me and for my question and to share any ideas...:tup:
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    XML declaration....

    Hi...... Question regarding XML.. Can I just put the XML declaration on top of existing HTML documents? Can I intermix HTML 4.01 and XHTML documents? THANKS for reply.....