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  1. vijaymanglani

    does anyone have yahoo messager

    Yes I have a yahoo messenger but why you are asking this question?Are you want to do the chat with me or what else?
  2. vijaymanglani

    How to earn from a blog?

    Hey guys can you tell me how to earn from a blog? I want to start my blog.Please give me some tips.
  3. vijaymanglani

    What will you prefer??

    If .com is not available than which extension you will prefer? I will prefer .info. What about you?
  4. vijaymanglani

    What is the price of this domain?

    Can any one tell me, what is the price of this domain?The domain is: mortgageforums.com Thanks.
  5. vijaymanglani

    Best Keyword Selector Tools

    I personally use wordtracker and it is enough for me.
  6. vijaymanglani


    Hi richard welcome to this forum you will get here enough knowledge in every field you want. Good luck.
  7. vijaymanglani

    Article submission?

    Yes this very help full,Even it is used for promoting the product.Write the article on your niche and submit to the article websites like ezine articles.
  8. vijaymanglani

    pr2 from pr0 in 3 months...Wow

    Increase the traffic make the links update your content time to time.Even you can increase your PR in next update.
  9. Can any one tell me the name of the forum search engine?? OR Is there is the search engine for the forums?
  10. vijaymanglani

    fresh website...how to get rank....???

    Make the back links submit the links to the directories make the signatures on every forum you will get the results.
  11. vijaymanglani

    search engines

    Search engine means you can find any web site related to your word.That means if you want to find the site for particular topic you just have to type the word related to that topic and press enter, you will get the results immediately.The best example for this is google.
  12. vijaymanglani

    How many links do I need?

    Can any one tell me what is the SERP?I am not getting what you all are trying to say? Thanx.
  13. vijaymanglani

    What is adword?

    Hi guys I am new in this field. Can any one tell me what is adword? Thanx
  14. vijaymanglani

    AdSense Cheque

    Sorry I haven't got a cheque so I can't tell you about this.I am waiting for my first payout.
  15. vijaymanglani

    What is AdSense?

    Yes you will earn the money when people clicks on your ads.And No they will not charge you for sign up.