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  1. nitinalbert

    marketing stratergies

    What are various marketing stratergies for a new site. can anyone give some tips.
  2. nitinalbert

    what is SEO

    What is SEO and why it is done
  3. nitinalbert

    link building

    What is link building and how is it useful.
  4. nitinalbert

    Virtual RAM Disk

    Vista uses a technology called Windows ready boost. It uses USB flash drive as a souce of caching. You can also use SD card in addition to hard drive. This is different from the other windows operating systems
  5. nitinalbert

    When is the google's next PR update?

    It really depends on factors. Google has its own methods of surveying which is internal and basing on the reports they update the PR. So we cant really guess when they are going to do it. 1-3 months time is good time i guess.
  6. nitinalbert

    MSN and Yahoo Marry Messengers

    Try meebo and you can stay connected to all the different chats with a single login. It nice and you dont have to install any software in the computer
  7. nitinalbert

    Microsoft ups search investment in China

    Yes it is but i swear it is really very difficult to learn it. They dont have any alphabets, all that we see in chinese is pictures which tell us something. I heard there are more than 10000 symbols in the language. China has lots of talented IT people. They are hardworking and very smart. So you know why microsoft is there in china.
  8. nitinalbert

    MSN messenger additional patch?

    Ok thats nice. Can you let us know what are the advantages or what additional features or benefits the patch is providing. It will be nice if you can tell us how useful the paych will be
  9. nitinalbert

    Yahoo Aquires Indextools

    Yes you are right fabio. Google is most popular and number one when it comes to search engines, online business etc. Every other company wants to overtake google by hook or crooke. They all keep trying yet they are not able to beat google.
  10. nitinalbert

    does anyone have yahoo messager

    try proxys like meebo.com you can stay connected all the chat channels at a time. Plus you dont have to install the messengers in your system. Also its a proxy server so you can connect to your chat ever if the administator blocks the ports for chat channels.
  11. nitinalbert

    What is a dll file

    What are dll files and how different are they from other files.
  12. nitinalbert

    Windows easy file transfer

    Please find the information about the new utility Easy file transfer from microsoft: Windows Easy Transfer helps you to easily move the files and settings stored on your PC running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or even Windows Vista to a new PC running Windows Vista. Windows Easy Transfer will automatically transfer things like: User Accounts Files and folders E-mail messages, settings, and contacts Photos, music, and videos Windows settings Program data files and settings Internet settings There are several ways that you can use Windows Easy Transfer; choose the way you prefer to connect your two PCs, choose the data you want to transfer, and then let Windows Easy Transfer do the work for you.
  13. nitinalbert

    File system

    Here are the differences: NTFS 1)allows access local to w2k,w2k3,XP,win NT4 with SP4 & later may get access for somefile. 2)Maximum size of partition is 2 Terabytes & more. 3)Maximum File size is upto 16TB. 4)File & folder Encryption is possible only in NTFS. FAT 32 1)Fat 32 Allows access to win 95,98,win millenium,win2k,xp on local partition. 2)Maximum size of partition is upto 2 TB. 3)Maximum File size is upto 4 GB. 4)File & folder Encryption is not possible.
  14. nitinalbert

    NTFS versions

    Different version of NTFS indicate the cluster size of the filesystem. With each version increase the cluster size also is increased. It helps if you have large database store or application that requires huge volumes of disk space.
  15. nitinalbert

    Upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista

    I have checked the microsoft technet website and found that you cannot really upgrade windows 2000 to Windows vista directly. You have to purchase a seperate copy of vista. What microsoft is offering is a free license to windows Vista or license upgrade to vista if you have registered copy of windows 2000. So you can save money in licensing. Microsoft is planning to stop support for Windows 2000 and it wants all the 2000 users to change to Vista.