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  1. nixwebo

    Your About Page Is NOT About You!

    I agree all the way. My company provides.... This site has ...... Get your ...... Free ....... Are some good ways to start of in most cases, but you get the idea.
  2. nixwebo

    Do you like Mathematics?

    Never been big on it, but the symmetry of numbers is amazing. There is magic behind the logic and simple truths that back up mathematical theory. I think that anybody who likes computer, should understand that they have a profound fascination with ones and zeros rather they accept it or not.
  3. nixwebo

    39 Things You Should Know About Google+

    Great read thanks for the share. I am still loving Google+ but they still have a lot of work to do if you ask me.
  4. Well, not totally. If you already have a free viddler.com account you can at least keep your content. However, if you are looking for new sites to distribute your video content, you can count Viddler out unless you want to pay. They have now effectively closed the doors to new free account members, it's pay or no play! Here is quick article I wrote up on the topic if you want to learn more and see the email I received: http://nicksimpson.info/viddler-closes-the-doors-on-free-user-registration/
  5. nixwebo

    Microsoft buys Skype for a Whopping $ 8.5 Billion

    I am still curious how this will change Skype as we know it in the years to come. It is now part of Facebook which is interesting, but Microsoft has a way of making some good things turn to crap, I hope that is not the case here, because I love skype as it is.
  6. nixwebo

    Henrics here! ..a newbie

    Welcome to the Massive Links Webmaster Forum Henrics!
  7. nixwebo

    Hi all

    Nice to meet you here Adam, hope to see you around on the boards here. Nick
  8. nixwebo

    Did Google's Panda Bite You?

    You can learn why creating original and "quality" content is more important than ever in this blog post. I thought it kind of went hand in hand with fixing your site after panda, so take a look here: http://forum.massivelinks.com/blog/503/entry-1216-the-real-value-of-quality-content/
  9. nixwebo

    Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging can be very effective if you are a good writer, but Johnmathewboss brings up a good point, these sites can be hard to find. However, I have found that if you are writing regularly on a topic and ask to write for a blog by direct email or contact, you can find a few that are ready for some free content and would be happy to give you a link back to your main site in the process.
  10. nixwebo

    Upgraded to Latest Forum Software

    The updated site looks amazing. I do wish more members would update their members, we have a lot of blank avatars for now.
  11. I agree Guy. The tools seem like they were made to be used together and it never made since for them to be separate. This is one continuing problem for Google, they have so many services that are similar, but not connected. Their Google+ network has finally tied up some lose ends, but they still have plenty more out there.
  12. nixwebo

    Did Google's Panda Bite You?

    Yes, we all know that Google has made some major changes to their search algorithm some time ago and many of us have heard some horror stories from other webmasters and even online marketers. These updates really hit article directory sites and other spamalicious content farms pretty hard. This has brought on some major changes on a host of huge content sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and others. Hubpages for one has changed all existing links and future ones to be placed on a subdomain for each user so that they spam will not be help responsible at the domain level and there are many other behind the scenes changes going on on many sites. This is just because many people don't want to get bit by the panda and there is a good reason. Take a look at these stats and see for yourself : http://www.pandalized.com/ The one way you can be sure not to have problems moving forward with your online marketing and promotion is to avoid sites that have been hit hard altogether or if you do still use them make sure you are only adding top quality content and do not add to the spam issue. If you are writing content, you need to make it worth reading, really add value in what you share and stay away from spam topics too. Building new content on site is also a must, Google is more interested in "instant" and "social" now more than anything.
  13. nixwebo

    Does PR mean anything?

    From my experience Google Page Ranking system is a good thermometer of what Google thinks of your site and how highly regarded the quality score of your site is. This is not a measure of traffic, so it does not mean that you cannot have a profitable web site because you have a PR 0. However, when it comes time to sell a web site you really want to have some numbers here to show that you have built a solid and Google compliant site for sure.
  14. nixwebo

    iPhone Release, Big Letdown

    Well we all know that there is no iPhone 5 coming for at least another year now. Many people were looking for some big changes from Apple last week and many were disappointed. Has anybody here pre-ordered the new 4S? I am not sure that I will be upgrading until they come out with something much more impressive. Here is all the specs and announcement info: http://tech.massivelinks.com/index.php/tech/article/time-to-talk-iphone
  15. I was unaware that the remaining members of the hugely popular band Pink Floyd have been in court until I read that they had already won their case against their record label. They were having a difference with EMI who was selling single tracks off of Pink Floyd albuds that the band did not think should be broken up and that were seamless pieces of music and collaborations that should be heard all together an were not intended for individual track sales. I guess the UK courts must have agreed and now EMI can no longer sell single tracks of off The Wall, The Division Bell, Dark Side of the Moon and some other classic Pink Floyd albums.