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  1. JacobBranch

    Putting Massive Links On The Map

    means I was soooooo lucky lol
  2. Hexxagon Score of 58 General Odd's 1:120,506,085 Yes I did Beat It!
  3. JacobBranch

    New Look for FreshDames.com

    Looks great sorry I could not do it BTW
  4. JacobBranch

    Chat Room Software

    Go To Widgets.com they have a addon chat
  5. JacobBranch

    Is HTML dead?

    My god as a HTML coder I would know its not dead
  6. JacobBranch

    Free vs Paid web hosting

    Free hosting just can't cut it for a site
  7. JacobBranch

    Weather report

    NC is about 75 today
  8. JacobBranch

    Most Searched in 2006!

    Its odd now I could not find her anymore ugly lol
  9. JacobBranch

    Good Anti-Virus Software?

    Nortan is the way to go
  10. JacobBranch

    .com vs .org

    Overall Rankings: .com .net .org .info
  11. JacobBranch

    Which is best?

    http://bharatstudents.com is the best for you like deadsoul said fast and easy
  12. JacobBranch

    Who makes the best cars?

    I would always go with Ford
  13. JacobBranch

    Does this sound right?

    I would not get it if it has other words don't get it domains with over 2 words just don't cut it
  14. JacobBranch

    Tried phpBB 3 Yet?

    Phpbb3 in my eyes is a train wreck. everyone should just get Vbulletin it may cost more but its better
  15. JacobBranch

    local or oversea hosting

    xylin is mainly the best host