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  1. dismaldonkey

    How would you value a company?

    I own and run a domestic employment company with my wife (http://www.nanniesinmiami.com/), another person has seriously enquired about buying the company from us. How do we come about with a fair valuation? Any figure we think of seems to be an estimate. We neither want to undersell ourselves or overcharge this person. We are not interestd in franchise or part-ownership, a full and complete sale only as we are heading back to live in the UK and it would not be possible to run a business local to Florida from there. The company brings in between $60k - $80k a year (based on the last 3 years income). There are no physical assets (property, etc). The main source of new customers comes through either word of mouth (does goodwill, reputation, etc, have a value?) or via the website (No.1 or first page on numerous related keywords in all the main SE's). Overheads in the company are minimal (at most $100 a month). What else should we consider? Where could we go to get a fair and honest valuation? We are in no hurry to sell so don't need to discount for that. :confused: Thanks for any input.
  2. dismaldonkey

    Do you know any proverbs?

    Don't eat yellow snow
  3. dismaldonkey

    Need help with major virus! Very URGENT!

    You can try this: http://www.besttechie.net/tools/mbam-setup.exe. I had something similar a while ago and it helped. Freeware.
  4. dismaldonkey

    Image morphing

    Do you want the image to morph in front of your eyes? I have used http://www.fantamorph.com/ before, it is a bit fiddly but does the job and is not expensive at all.
  5. dismaldonkey

    Getting your priorities right

    LONDON (AFP) - Never mind the radiation: British contingency planners worried there would be a dramatic shortage of tea in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, recently declassified documents showed Monday. The shortfall of the staple British beverage would be "very serious" if the country were to come under attack with atomic and hydrogen bombs, said according to a memo drafted between 1954 and 1956. "The tea position would be very serious with a loss of 75 percent of stocks and substantial delays in imports and with no system of rationing it would be wrong to consider that even one ounce (28 grams) per head per week could be ensured," it said. "No satisfactory solution has yet been found."
  6. dismaldonkey

    Where do you buy your domain names?

    GoDaddy. No complaints so far.
  7. dismaldonkey

    Computer wont start

    I have just the 1 hard drive, 320 gig. Someone else mentioned it could be the ram, I am going to grab another stick today and put that it. Hope it's just that and not the motherboard.
  8. dismaldonkey

    Computer wont start

    Desktop, yes. I had it open and checked as many cables, cards, etc as I could see. I didn't notice anything wrong in there, but do you ever?
  9. dismaldonkey

    Computer wont start

    Yes, it is plugged in. The light comes on and the fans start, but thats it.
  10. dismaldonkey

    Computer wont start

    So far I have phoned 3 local repair sevices. One said it absolutely and certainly had to be the motherboard. The second said no, it had to be the RAM. The third said he had no idea without testing every component ($400 just for the test). I guess I will just have to start changing the components one by one until I find the fault. I was hoping someone here had the same problem at some time and knew of a solution.
  11. dismaldonkey

    Computer wont start

    I have just moved house, when I came to plug in my computer it wont start. The light comes on, the fans whirl, but apart from that nothing. Nothing appears on the monitor, the light on the wireless mouse receiver doesn't come on.....zilch. It is exactly the same hardware that I had before, nothing has changed. I did have this same problem a couple of months ago when I had to unplug the computer, but it just seemed to eventualy fix itself that time and I can't remember what I did. Because it has done it before I don't think that anything has become dislodged inside it because of the move. ( I had a look anyway but couldn't see any problem). :frown::mad:
  12. dismaldonkey

    No Internet!

    I get the same thing when my ISP (Bell South) is having problems. It appears to all intents-and-purposes that broadband is connected, but no pages can be accessed. Seems to be happening more and more often too. Grrrr. :mad:
  13. dismaldonkey

    Hyphens or Not

    Apart from an SEO angle, having a hyphen in a domain name can be a pain when it comes to telling people by word of mouth. http://www.myhyphennewhyphenwebsite.com
  14. dismaldonkey

    Stopping spam in phpBB?

    I may have a look at php3. Is it a simple upgrade from 2? I found a few mods while searching, but nothing that seemed adequate or was guaranteed to work. Not too sure the time zone mod would work, I certainly don't always remember to adjust the default time when i join a forum. I wouldn't want members registrations to fail because of that oversight.
  15. dismaldonkey

    Stopping spam in phpBB?

    Is it possible to stop spam posts in phpBB? A little board I manage is getting swamped with porn / drug spam posts. The mods do all they can to delete these as they appear, but sometimes it can be a few hours before they get removed. The forum attracts a lot of children to it and the nature of some of these posts is very disturbing indeed. Certainly not something i would want my own children to have to see. I have tried turning off the ability to attach pictures and links, this stops the posting of the obscene pictures, but also stops genuine members from posting too. I know you can hold back posts until a mod has censored them but that is absolutely a last resort as I seriously think it will inhibit people from posting. One idea I have had, but not sure if it is possible in phpBB2, is to have the ability to manually select from the admin panel if a member is permitted to post pictures and links, etc. The default option being no, so permission has to be given. Is a mod availible for this? I have the board set up with a visual confirmation for new members but suspect the bots may have cracked this. I have now set it for admin approval of new members, again not something I am happy with as it makes new members wait to join. The option to verify by email doesn't seem to be present. How do you stop this kind of thing from your forum? All advice is very gratefully received. It's getting to be a real problem.