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  1. Please see here, scroll down to Product Gallery and there should be several large dress images but they are not displaying at all. When I check the HTML code and they are all there and the images are all correctly showing up if I access them directly in the browser. However, when I use Firebug to examine the <img> elements they seem to be faded out or hidden or something. I tried to add these CSS styles via Firebug to the <img> elements on .product_images_exhibit img: display: inline !important; visibility: visible !important; But nothing happens. However if you go to the HTTP version (not HTTPS), the images are all displaying properly. This is really weird to my understanding. What is wrong and what's actually preventing the <img> elements to be rendered? Maybe Javascript? But I have no idea how to find out which JavaScript line is preventing these elements to be showing. How can I find them? Any help would be very much appreciated!
  2. yangyang

    Go Daddy still the best?

    GoDaddy's good, but nurturing a new monopoly does no good to the general public of webmasters, business owners.
  3. yangyang

    Adobe opens Web-based Photoshop Express

    Good catch. :tup: Giant companies like Google, Microsoft and Adobe are always pushing the envelope and testing the law for their own good. While this is not obtrusive at all, it's still a little bit uncomfortable.
  4. yangyang

    How do I get backlinks???

    Directory links are not as constructive as they were before in terms of contribution to SERP and organic traffic. Google has done much to frustrate link building / exchange / selling in this way. The best way to build links is to provide things useful, creative and even astounding to the community.
  5. It's like risk / unstability diluting. Redundant resources are dynamically allocated to ensure server consistency and respondence.
  6. yangyang

    Which hosting companies are reliable?

    The more you are willing to pay, the more you will get. This is true for most situations. Truly reliable hosting companies might include pair.com, mediatemple.com, rackspace and theplanet.com.
  7. yangyang

    Some More Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

    Very informative post, thanks! I have a formula for myself to register domains: 1. both keyworded and brandably standing out 2. must be less than 10 letters 3. no hyphens
  8. yangyang

    Why should I blog?

    First of all, it's fun and can have a good impact on your life in positive ways. You express, let out, share and communicate with the public, and you'll be happy. Second off, it's a good way to earn some extra income beside your daily job. It's really fascinating! Just do it, man!