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  1. www.JKomp.com

    Will You Be Wearing Green?

    That's funny- I always wear my heart on my sleeve
  2. "I don't necessarily believe the penalty for the two should necessarily be the same." - If this is the quality of English demonstrated by the people writing the laws in that state, no wonder they seem to have a few flaws in! Up to 20 years for sleeping with an 18 year old student? But then someone else gets 5 years for the repeated rape of their own daughter from the age of 14?! This world is a little mad to say the least.
  3. www.JKomp.com

    World cup 2006

    I actually think England have a really good chance this year. Anyone know what channel they show world cup matches on in the states?
  4. www.JKomp.com

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    I know how you feel - I'm having problems with my laptop at the mo lets hope both issues get resolved asap!
  5. www.JKomp.com

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    I have a laptop, an emac, a PC and a pocket pc - I wanna get another laptop smaller than the one I've got now - seems like a lot for one person maybe but i do use them, honestly!
  6. www.JKomp.com

    X-Ray of an Alien?

    yeah like the crumpet that had the face of jesus on it, if you cook enough crumpets and xray enough ducks, eventually you're bound to come up with something that looks like jesus or an alien Funny though
  7. www.JKomp.com

    Big Brother

    Pete is the most 'normal' person in there and mega funny! Pete to win!
  8. www.JKomp.com

    Brokeback graphic designs?

    for the same reason its funny for Neo to be in the my name is earl pic - like when people put their faces through the hole in those fair things to complete a picture, its just fun.
  9. www.JKomp.com

    Cost of living per city

    Quite a few Brits work in or have their client base still in the UK but have moved to the USA - internet access and cheap flights have actually made this an economical option.
  10. www.JKomp.com

    The Divinci code

    Yeah and you can have a free room at one of her majesty's hotels (prison). It's illegal I think the da vinci code is extreme unoriginal, like a lot of stuff these days, but i might watch it on telly or summit.
  11. www.JKomp.com


    you cant be serious right? Feeding a kid dish detergent? I'd prefer a smack on the bum myself lol
  12. Hmmm depends i reckon for $10,000 i'd let him lol just kidding. Well done to the kid though, i hope he still keeps up with school work, not just swimming :|
  13. www.JKomp.com

    Have You Heard of "Happy Slapping?"

    of course it was nicer when you were growing up, when you're a kid you're sheltered from real world events, especially seen as though everything bad that happened wasnt reported on 24 hour news channels looking to shock and awe. I really dont think the world has got much worse, we've just swapped old problems for new ones. I think rather than lamenting a free fall towards an unsavable society we should be focusing 100% of our energies in improving the world around us. I remember when i was a kid and whenever you complained about anything adults would all too often say 'life's unfair' - that's one of the biggest problems with the world, people accept what is ultimately a human construct as something that was always inevitable. But its just an excuse, why is life unfair? What makes unfair? Shouldnt we strive to make it fairer? A lot of it is down to attitudes and these attitudes have been around since forever.
  14. www.JKomp.com


    I'm gaining on you.
  15. www.JKomp.com

    Have You Heard of "Happy Slapping?"

    hmmm I dunno, there have always been awful crime committed without motivation, except now they're caught on camera - I think we do have a more tolerant and fair society but most of us are now educated enough to know how far it is from being perfect. Yeah happy slapping was a craze, the police loved it because the criminals provided all the evidence needed for prosecution - i.e. by recording the crime on their mobile phones.