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  1. Moncal

    Am I the Only One?

    Yeah, probably. The school's internet sucks.
  2. Moncal

    Am I the Only One?

    Am I the only one who hasn't been able to access ML for the last week or so? I was either getting a DNS type error or general timeouts.
  3. Moncal

    Pregnant Man on Oprah

    The fact that it is in the mainstream media does not make it newsworthy. It merely means that someone thinks they can make money off of it.
  4. Moncal

    Pregnant Man on Oprah

    How is this newsworthy? A women gets pregnant...shocker.
  5. Moncal

    Did DMOZ get hacked?

    Not really funny, but definitly more entertaining than some of the other April Fool's day jokes. Btw, I can't imagine that this would do much good for webmasters whose sites have been listed in DMOZ...
  6. Moncal

    I'm posting from my iPhone

    Yes. I got cash free and used it to purchase my iPhone. I could have had them ship me an iPhone directly, but I wasn't quite sure that I wanted to purchase one yet. Apparently I was.
  7. Moncal

    I'm posting from my iPhone

    Not at all. When I open a page it is completely zoomed out so that I see the entire page. Then I can zoom in on a particular part to read, click a link, or type. I'm sitting at my computer for this post.
  8. Moncal

    I'm posting from my iPhone

    I am incredibly impressed that AJAX is working!
  9. Moncal

    I'm posting from my iPhone

    Ok, I have been thinking about purchasing an iPhone since before they were ever released. In fact, even before they were ever officially announced. Well, I finally broke down and bought one at my local AT&T store this morning. This is easily the best phone I have ever used! It is crazy to think that I would ever be able to post messages to a forum from a cell phone, yet I am. So here I am on my iPhone on Massivelinks. For my next trick, I will be seeing if I can post on my blog from my iPhone.
  10. Moncal

    Worlds Easiest Quiz!

    Thats pretty cool. Although, I always thought that the Canary Islands were named after a Lord Canary. Perhaps I was mistaken.
  11. I hope their discounts are really good, it doesn't even look like there prices are in the ball park.
  12. Moncal

    Happy Easter

    I went to church this morning stuffed myself at my grandparents house, and now I'm watching my Arkansas Razorbacks get slaughtered by North Carolina. What a day.
  13. Moncal

    Go Daddy still the best?

    I was always unhappy with GoDaddy when I used them. I switched to namecheap.com a couple years ago and couldn't be happier.
  14. Moncal

    The value of signatures

    If I'm not mistaken, the search engines can't tell any difference between bb code and html because bb code is converted to html or css by the forum software. For example, the code for toeknee's first post that has a link is: > Fabio just started a post about anchor text which got me thinking about signatures on forums. I believe that signature links are now of little value in ranking terms unless the page, link and target site and all related. I know people will disagree, but that is the point of discussion forums... The link that was created with BB code was converted to html.
  15. Moncal

    Computer wont start

    It really should be beeping at you when you try to start it if there is a RAM or hard drive problem.