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    Help Define a Path for SEO-SES.com

    Well the - decreases the value and you could develop it and have it have some revenue every month but because its SEO you can't update it that much like id it was a PHP site there are new versions of PHP coming out and such but with SEO its different. Not sure if you should develop it. It could creat a decent community but then again it might not!?!?!
  2. martian2k4

    Sex with a Horse...news release

    :eek: Is the horse ok?
  3. martian2k4

    Forum Skin

    I am guessing that the design of the forum does effect who would sign up a lot. You don't need a skin thats heavy on graphics. But possible a new skin, a proffesional looking clean design, No need of lots of flashy gfx
  4. martian2k4

    Does your website make any money?

    i make around $4 a month, Thanks to Padawan! And bout $10 a month from adsense :eek:
  5. martian2k4

    Dealing with heat

    That PC mod is amazing!, Padawan - Maybe you could get a copper heat sync for your proccessor and for your ram. And i think you can get them for your hard drive, That would help a lot. Also have you got all the fans running a way so tat you get air sirculation through your case ?
  6. martian2k4

    Matrix Stats

    I use to use Fast Host, But note with the cheaper accounts they dnt give you MySql databases which is bad seen as it don't cost them nuttin. And Matrix stats is ok but i much preffer AwStats :welcome:
  7. martian2k4

    Dedicated Server

    Or if you really felt like splahing out you could have the $249 dedi from http://www.theplanet.com
  8. martian2k4


    Welcoem to TwT Home of the jeraffs :welcome:
  9. martian2k4

    If you won 10 Million Dollars

    I would leave school, buy a mansion in spain or somewere. Then i would set up my own datacentre and invest in a few web sites
  10. martian2k4

    London bombed

    Ohh that sux, at least you weren't there
  11. martian2k4

    London bombed

    This really sucks, Its pathetic the protests ppl have been having because of the G8, just a excuse for them to fight with the police. And now bombings (not that there is probable any link between the protests and this). And you don't live any were near the bombings do you SithLord?
  12. martian2k4

    Adding an admin cp to a site

    Its not too hard, fisr off in your table where the articles are stored, lets say for example its article. you need to add a new field called active or somthing and when they submit a article it inserts 0 into the table active. Then build a admin CP that will show all the articles that have 0 in the active field and get it to update that field with 1 if you alllow it or delete it if you disallow it. Then you have to get it to show only the articles with a `active` of `1` on the actuvall site. And your done
  13. martian2k4

    US Grand Prix

    I'm sure that Jordan won't be getting on the podium any time soon again and i was gutted when i seen it.
  14. martian2k4

    Webmaster interviews

    He is asking for people to tell him what they think of it not for more people to interview. Layout very good and the questions are alright. I think there isn't much you could do to improve, but yes its very good, nice job
  15. martian2k4

    New look Article site

    Whoa! thats an ace site, I am guessing the designer / coder was an amazing person