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  1. MWeb

    Domain name value

    I recently purchased a few domain names, with the intent of building sites for them down the road. One, however, I have decided not to use. I did some checking on sites that give estimated values for a domain name, following different formulas. One gave an estimate of $1200-$2400, another around $1500-$2200. These are for domain names only, no site. I don't put a lot of stock in these amounts, but I guess I'm now curious if I should have an actual appraisal done to see what it might go for if I was to sell it. Has anyone gone through this process, was it worth it, and would you recommend it?
  2. MWeb

    Stopping spam in phpBB?

    Yourweb, I believe its this one .... http://www.phpbbhacks.com/download/7979
  3. MWeb

    Stopping spam in phpBB?

    Set up mod scripts that do any of the following.... 1) No links or url's allowed in profile when registering. 2) No links, photos, etc, unless member has x amount of posts. 3) Most spam bots use the default time zone when registering; that time zone is actually in the middle of nowhere, where no one would actually live. There is a mod that, if the default time zone is used, the registration fails ( this has been, for me, the best mod sop far ).
  4. MWeb

    MSN back links and serps lost!

    PR is only applicable to Google .... its usually out of date ( not current ) and will not make or break your site. In other words, I wouldn't worry about it too much. MSN has blocked/dropped its backlink checking, Google always reports fewer than what you actually have. All search engines go through occasional changes.... often their algos are rewritten to use different methods of ranking relevant sites for searches ..... it is common to go up, down, drop out of and back into their results .... when it happens, don't panic .... as long as you aren't doing anything black hat, or changed your site dramatically, you should level back out fairly soon. I have gotten several sites to number 1 in the main engines on proper site coding, seo elements in the code, relevant content, and relevant backlinks alone .... if your content has occasional changes, that is beneficial. In short .... do a little research on current SEO practices, and don't panic.
  5. MWeb


    I tried them in the past but have basically given up on most affiliate stuff. To me, they didn't show any more of a conversion rate than any other program.
  6. MWeb

    Clearing out phpbb forum

    I've set up a mod in phpbb for viewing members from the admin area, and lets you bulk delete many at once. Not sure of the name of it though, but there is one.
  7. MWeb

    Domain Names and Privacy Issues

    I've used it because I've ended up on spam lists if my info is listed, as well as snail mail from web-based businesses.
  8. I agree with vwebworld. There isn't a "threshold" of how many inbound links get you to the top. Some sites have hundreds and get poor rankings, while some with fewer are at the top of the serps. Focus on quality, relevant inbound links for your link exchanges, but remember that your site and page content is the main thing to get higher rankings.
  9. The logo and colors are great. The heart images are a nice touch. A couple issues I noticed are that the articles don't match the main site as far as layout/colors ( maybe a css thing? ), and the "The comprehensive list of directories" kept going to a "Server not found" page ( maybe its a temporary thing ). All in all though, very nice.
  10. MWeb

    Firefox lag/refresh

    No ..... this is on every page I view, whether on my PC or online.
  11. MWeb

    Firefox lag/refresh

    Yes, I run scans for viruses, spyware and all that.
  12. MWeb

    Firefox lag/refresh

    I've tried disabling them all, with no luck. Somehow I think it must be something other than Firefox itself, just a matter of tracking it down.
  13. MWeb

    Firefox lag/refresh

    I've checked everything I can think of. No clue what is causing it. And I've never berated anyone for the software they use; we all have our preferences and things we're comfortable with. I do use IE for developing sites, but not general browsing.
  14. MWeb

    Firefox lag/refresh

    I've used it for years and never had any problem. I'm not really crazy about IE.
  15. MWeb

    Firefox lag/refresh

    I have been experiencing an issue with Firefox for about 2 months. When I go to a web page, it seems as if the page fully loads; however, after about 15 seconds, it seems to do some type of refresh. For example, I go to blah.com. If I immediately minimize Firefox, it will automatically maximize itself in about 15 seconds and interrupt anything else I might be doing. This is on any type of webpage I view, and it can be an online page or pages on my PC that I am developing. I have it updated, completely uninstalled and reinstalled everything, and have tested it with no add-ons working. This isn't happening on any other browsers on my PC, and it doesn't happen on my PC at work when I use Firefox. I updated to from the previous version, which also did this, and the issue is still there. Any suggestions?