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  1. Ok good point, thanks
  2. Yes otherwise your site will be deleted within a few hours.
  3. Subb.mit your webs.itee to any category in our new directory, located here: ener [] fax [] gold [dot] [com]/oil-gas-directory/ I do not want spam or junk sites that is why I have broken up the url like this. If you are a spam or junk site don't bother you will be deleted soon enough! All the best and thanks for your time EDIT: Reciprocation is required. Regards, Jas.
  4. LOGOS: http://name-search.org/logos.htm SITE: (Will look different, see for content): http://www.citylinkpcs.com.au/ ... & ... http://www.citylinkpcs.com.au/store/ This is my technology products site, at the moment it looks awful! I am in the process of giving it a new look, the layout and graphics will be changed to accommodate the new logo incorporating the same look for both the main part of the site & the store. My main focus is branding, I want people to instantly recognize my site by the logo design, setting it apart from other tech sites by design and style. Thanks for all recommendations. I have numbered the logos, please let me know which one/s you like the best and please tell me how I should change the logo/s to make them look better. For example you may like logo #10 but don't like the heavy shadowing that goes with it. Cheers for helping me choose, I just can't make my mind up
  5. JasMate

    My logo work, your thoughts?

    Thanks guys for your input
  6. JasMate

    My logo work, your thoughts?

    Oh ok I get it thanks
  7. JasMate

    My logo work, your thoughts?

  8. JasMate

    My logo work, your thoughts?

    It does work, it is pulling up a fairly large bitmap image so it will take a bit to load if you have a slow connection, try again and let me know - thanks
  9. JasMate

    Checking website in various browsers

    WOW what an awesome resource, thanks David for the heads up
  10. JasMate

    SPAM Recipes

    hahaha that is so funny, google does have a sense of humour!
  11. JasMate

    More exposure

    Articles would be the way to go for that site imo
  12. JasMate

    Ad Release - which day is best ?

    I thought the weekend would be the best
  13. JasMate

    Which One is Best?

    always choose .com first. Then .net
  14. JasMate

    My logo work, your thoughts?

    Hi guys, I have done some recent logo work for an autistic event and would like your opinions please. See here: http://lordhost.net/pics/autism-expo.bmp
  15. JasMate

    Soon to expire "DIRECTORY" domain names...

    Fairly lengthy those names, I would not get names that are so long