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  1. would be super duper cool and kind of you all? is if you all donated money to me. for the vbPlaza. Since all you kind and considerate people are so "wealthy" maybe you should share the love. Come on. Hook me up so I can have a cool name like you guys lol. Drew;)
  2. DrewD

    Mac Help Please

    aha...honestly...you just proved everything i said wrong. thanks alot
  3. DrewD

    Mac Help Please

    also you dont really need any keyboard shortcuts... the little flip thing that hides the cd drive when open reveals the open drive button.. its just a normal CD drive.. you could have also done that lol and both of you are nuts...my highschool pretty well has nothing but eMacs and iBooks...and they are all the crappiest comps i have ever used. the only thing I like about them..is the responsiveness of the keyboards on the eMacs and the speed of Safari when you have a good connection.
  4. DrewD

    Web Design Tutorials

    grrrr templatemonster.com BURN!!!!! we hates you!
  5. No he doesnt have a website.. Ive been trying to get him to let me and my friend design and maintain one for him... But you see..he also has his auto shop for repairs...and that's his priority. If you want stickers and such done..I could possibly work out a way to design them, cut them, mail them out. and get paid.. Im not sure. Ive tried doing this before, but never got around to finishing it. Ill let you know.
  6. DrewD

    Welcome back to me....

    yes i noticed that. And I had made you one..but then i guess it got merged with the other one made for you.. you are quite the popular man Don Fabio.
  7. DrewD


    :coffee: ...isnt it...how I've been a registered user longer than Fabio..and he's the admin.. I love forum merges. Especially when they are as successful as this one was.:tup: I think me and Fabio should have a dual to the death...or not...to see who is supreme..:dual: plus we share a birthday..so itd be like twins fighting over a toy. lol
  8. DrewD

    Increase in PMs

    amber...i dont think you even would have had to delete your backlogs... from what I recall VB boards automatically delete the oldest message when you get a new one..if your inbox is full of course..
  9. DrewD

    Happy Birthday Drew

    Thanks everyone. Glad to know that everyone here is so kind to give me sucha warm welcome after about an 8 month hiatis.. Thanks again. Drew Also. I find it amusing that everyone on the boards. even with the lack of me being here knows my name. Fabio. do you think you could change my username to DrewD? I dont really use Shinra anymore... Thanks
  10. DrewD

    98% or 2%

    ive seen this before...and yes i thought red hammer lol
  11. I myself when I was heavily into graphic design (as crappy as i was) used Photoshop, Bryce and Flash. Currently I use Corel Draw 12 at my uncles business designing vinyl stickers for cars and signs and such.
  12. DrewD

    Welcome back to me....

    whats funny is now its been a full year since the lsat time this thread has been posted in...EXACTLY 1 year HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY TO ME AS OF SUNDAY THE 9TH LOL
  13. DrewD

    Happy Birthday Fabio

    And Me. What are the odds that we would have the same birthday??? Anyways Hope you Enjoy Yourself. Drew
  14. DrewD

    Its been awhile...

    Is Padawan still around?? and yes i will more than likely be back more Fabio..but I dont know what to talk about other than give some critique lol
  15. DrewD

    Its been awhile...

    ...since Ive been here. Things look like they've picked up nicely. How is everyone? Drew