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  1. kibuts

    Bitcoin VPS in Europe?

    Hello! Bitcoin exchange rate delivered good news for me. Having a few bitcoins saved from 2015 now I can afford some VPS services. I need to have them within Europe: qhoster.com, libertyvps.net comes after quick search. What are other providers you can recommend for this purpose?
  2. kibuts

    need reliable reseller

    As for the direct reseller service I can recommend you to have a look at innohosting.com, linovus.hosting or hostwinds.com. But having just one reseller account is not enough and you need to think about support options as well. Not every reseller account comes with support option for your end users.
  3. kibuts

    Dealing with a right host

    Depends on the purpose of using the server and location of the server you can check different companies. For US: hostingsource, rackspace, kvchosting. I would recommend US hosts since from there you can have really good connection speed around the world.
  4. kibuts

    Do you know Hostwinds?

    I have read a couple of good reviews of hostwinds at hostadvice. They appears as a good host.
  5. You can check rdoservers.com for reseller hosting. As far as I know they have their servers located in USA. What do you need reseller account for? Are you going to start your own business? In this case you might need to have a look at VPS.
  6. kibuts

    High Uptime Web Hosts?

    I can now name a few companies: - hostgator.com - they have good uptime, but you can be lost there. - qhoster.com - they have various payment options such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Payza ... etc - kvchosting.com - have powerful SSD solutions.
  7. kibuts

    Need vps host

    If you check kvchosting.com that won't be a fault at all. They always have good discounts abd really powerful configurations of their servers. I dare say they are leading SSD based web host.
  8. kibuts

    Stable Servers in Hong Kong?

    If you have a look here: vpsnine.com/ I'm sure you will get what you are looking for. They have servers located in multiply locations as well as in Hong Kong. Good luck.
  9. kibuts

    VPS deal to buy

    If I were you I would check kvchosting.com. They always offer wide range of the services and if you check their prices you will find them really affordable.
  10. kibuts

    offshore shared hosting with cloudlinux

    qhoster.com Check them. They offer lots of web hosting services and most likely they can offer for you whatever you need to.
  11. kibuts

    VPS hosting is looking for

    If you check warez-host.com you will find what you have been looking for. They have powerful platform and set of servers. So you can chose by location as well as by OS. Almost ever server location allow you to chose windows or linux.
  12. kibuts

    Dedicated servers in Europe?

    http://www.crookservers.com/dedicated-servers.php They are located in France and have really good prices and high performance. I believe you won't regret trying them.
  13. kibuts

    Reliable reselling with unlimited features

    I recommend ultrawebsitehosting.com as well. I think that they have managed to find out the best mixture of quality web hosting service and affordable prices.
  14. kibuts

    Looking for cPanel Hosting Account

    Do not forget to check: http://downtownhost.com/ They do not have high prices for the web hosting and basically for less then $5 per month you will be able to get high uptime and very good support.
  15. kibuts

    What are the best ICAN-accredited Registrars?

    Sibername.com has all needed accreditation and they provide a lot of domain name extensions. I register many domain names using them