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  1. barbarahambly


    The best way to attracting backlink is forum posting.. but firstly backlink is that link that other read our unique content and like and share that content is known as backlink..
  2. barbarahambly


    We can increase traffic by following steps: 1) Article submission 2) Forum 3) Blog posting and commenting. 4) Social bookmarking. 5) Directories Submission... etc and this one is too much beneficial for increment in traffic for that we can also share our work to social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc..
  3. barbarahambly

    Content Marketing Strategy.

    Both the article submission and social media sharing are different things, if you will work on both it will give you advantage, you can share you articles on social media sites, it will increase visiblity of your article.
  4. barbarahambly

    How to do Link Wheel?

    One great way to get a large number of traffic to your websites is to build a link wheel. These link wheels build backlinks to your website's main page, which give your website a higher search engine ranking....
  5. barbarahambly

    Content Marketing Strategy.

    How to implement content marketing? I write arrticle and share it on different high pr sites, is it will be considered as content markeing?
  6. barbarahambly

    Pinterest New Look - March 2013

    Pininterest new looks was good and their CSS ia also looking nice for the users who are using Pininterest......
  7. barbarahambly


    Pinterest is the best way for promoting website, it is a social media site and regular sharing on pinterest gives benefit.
  8. barbarahambly

    Firefox Addons

    i am using informenter, page rank Firefox addon. Which is used commonly...
  9. barbarahambly


    How can we get a backlink ?by which steps we can increase traffic on our website.......
  10. barbarahambly

    Important Link Building Things?

    Most important thing for link building is you do a offline seo in this you can do Forum posting bookmarking Classified Article submission