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  1. Truth is, each has its own advantages and most companies and experts prefer to employ both methods to build traffic for their web portals. Organic traffic can be great because it already shows you have managed to get your web listing to the top pages of Google for the targeted terms but as you may guess, this process can be very time-consuming and full of problems and complexities. On the other hand, PPC networks including Google AdWords can be handy when it comes to building fast traffic for websites, regardless of their organic positions in their niches. Though being costly, because you'd have to pay for every click on your links, you will see your ads instantly online.
  2. bermuda

    Collateral Damage or Legitimate Link Penalty?

    I have also experienced very voaltile upsa and downs in recent months, since the major Google updates. Although they are trying to avoid causing collateral damage, but sometimes mistakes to occur and webmasters who have been doing quite legin optimization might experience drop in ranks and traffic.
  3. bermuda

    Video marketing can be a powerful IM strategy

    Video marketing has lots of potentials, especially in sending visitors to the websites that have commercial atmosphere but it should be done professionally. For example, what kinds of videos should be provided for the viewers? What multimedia system is the best one for streaming feeds over the net? These can be some sample questions though. While surfing the net, checking out some hot videos that are viewed by thousands of people, you will find many of them to have educational materials, like tutorials, helping viewers get familiar with features of some best seller products. Usually these kinds of video feeds can improve traffic shares of the portals being attached to them.
  4. bermuda

    What Should I Be Doing Every Day for SEO?

    I believe your primary focus should be on content and maintaining your website in a way to be liked by the net audience. Off-page optimization should come next and that's where links and other promotional materials will come to play, sending visitors and potential customers to your website. The truth is search engines like Google operate to help people find information on websites and it can be a mistake to focus merely on gathering more and more links for them while forgetting completely to publish quality contents on sites. Try keeping your site updated with valuable information and at the same time look for some authentic links, the ones coming from relevant sources are preferred.
  5. bermuda

    What is the difference?

    They are actually the same and differences in labels usually do not indicate some differences in meaning. Guest blogging or still one useful and popular way of spreading the word about domains and websites, and if you manage to do the job properly, a lot of readers will be clicking on your author links, checking out contents of your own website. One important point to name in this respect is trying to find and post on those blogs that are specially related to the niche and online field of your own blog or website. This way, your author links at the top or bottom of the posts published will help drive targeted traffic to your homepage, raising chances of generating sales or making money as well.
  6. bermuda

    When will the pages be re indexed by Google?

    usually such actions take some time to be completed because Google will want to make sure your pages are ready to get accessed and indexed. Addition of some fresh contents to your website along with packs of links will definitely help and can facilittate the whole process of having your pages re-crawled by Google. If you still haven't done it yet, using Google Webmaster Tools too can be a great idea, because Google will crawl your pages in a better and faster way.
  7. bermuda

    Penguins, Pandas, and Panic at the Zoo

    The recent Google updates are still the core of discussion wherever you go and thousands of websites have been hit by the waves of fluctuations while many older portals are still doing nice and even some sites have experienced improved rankings and traffic shares. The fundamentals of SEO industry are still as they were before I conclude. Although many sites have disappeared from the front page of Google in their targeted niches, but the real problem is not on Google but the methods their admins have used. For instance, presence of duplicate, low quality contents on sites, the ones flooded with high keyword dentities has been one huge red flag but many people didin't take that matter seriously.
  8. bermuda

    How to learn SEO

    Well, there are plenty of materials provided for you on and off the net to access and add to your knowledge including books which have been written by renowned marketers plus articles that are published on online directories. Even after learning, you should get into the complex world of SEO to discover how changes made to your website will reflect. You see, you should get familiar with mechanisms of search engines, why many people today prefer to use Google to find information and products online and why most webmasters are interested in improving their Google ranks. You are expected to have insight about on/off page optimization elements and work on your site for some months to achive fine ranks.
  9. Contents are excellent to add to the websites but they would need some links to get optimized and promoted after all. By checking out the ranking status of the top performing sites, you would find them powered by a lot of links pointing at their internal pages.
  10. It has been a couple of years since the Google introduction of links analysis as a way to tell how popular and reliable the websites are actually and since then, the websites powered by more and also better links have been dominating the top pages of Google and other search engines for the niches targeted. Based on the keywords selected some number of links would be required.
  11. Searching for the best keywords could be among the most important things to do nowadays and even before launching a new website. A lot of sites may reach the top of Google and yet with no traffic because their admins and managers may have mistakenly chosen the wrong terms bringing no traffic to their pages.
  12. Not all free directories are useless. For example DMOZ is one of the biggest and leading directories which still is working based on voluntary work and free submissions and yet its PR and quality are both very high. The quality of directories could partially depend on their age, link popularity and also trust which may be related to their contents.
  13. bermuda

    what is SEO

    Nowadays search engine optimization is needed for all types of websites, regardless of their niches and subjects in the cyber space. Without traffic which could be the outcome of SEO practices the sites would fail. The key terms selected would be the way to tell how successful some SEO tasks and projects have been actually and based on their competitiveness some SEO work would be required which in most cases would involve addition of links.
  14. In today's competitive SEO world contents may not be enough to push the ranks of the websites upwards since Google and the other portals are putting emphasis on the links stats of the websites listed on their pages. In some cases only a few links may be required to reach the first page of Google if the keywords are not very competitive.
  15. By adding links to other websites you would actually tell Google and the other major search engines how significant the websites are and this way they would gain better ranks in the long term. Several types of links have been introduced by the companies and SEO experts but the relevant and one way links are very important indeed.