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  1. Padawan

    Net Neutrality Discussion

    It's a hoax!
  2. Padawan

    Padawan's Birthday!

    Thankyou everybody!! My birthday is always overshadowed by the fact that one of my kids has there's just a couple of days later, but it was a great day nonetheless
  3. Padawan

    Financial collapse!

    We work hard all our lives only to see The Bank of England / Federal Reserve print more money, thereby creating inflation and devaluing what we have worked for. Therefore I guess we are not wage slaves but, instead, slaves to the World Bank.
  4. Padawan

    Massive Links - submit your articles!

    I'm enjoying using it so far - haven't seen any traffic yet but it sure helps with Technorati popularity.
  5. Padawan

    none of my pages are displaying

    I always had problems uploading through Dreamweaver back in the days when I used that, regardless of any hosting considerations. Now I use SmartFTP for uploading files which is far simpler and much, much quicker.
  6. Padawan

    Do Affiliate schemes actually pay?

    Thanks Brian but can you elaborate a bit? For instance, if I just used text links for CJ whilst running an Adsense rectangle would that be ok?
  7. Padawan

    Podcasting... ugh

    I certainly have the ambition, I just lack the knowledge - if I start recording every post to audio how do I go about listing in iTunes? :confused: And thankyou to yourweb for your comments too.
  8. Padawan

    Podcasting... ugh

    I finally got round to making my first recording today and actually found the experience much easier than I was expecting - podpress is a great plugin. Constructive criticism via the comments on that page would be greatly appreciated. Or you can just tell me how sexy my voice sounds (NEO, I know you love the English accent but please limit yourself to one comment... no spamming! ) Now I'm considering putting my future posts into audio format to be displayed on the same page - does anyone have any suggestions as to whether that would be a good idea or not?
  9. Padawan

    Do Affiliate schemes actually pay?

    As an aside, can anyone tell me if you can run CJ alongside Adsense on the same page without violating the latter's TOS?
  10. Padawan

    His First Sexual Experience

    Isn't a family pack of condoms a contradiction in terms??
  11. Padawan

    Can someone give me an opinion of my site?

    I would say get rid of the Google ads altogether until you have some content on that page... what you have at the moment might be violating their TOS.
  12. Padawan

    Massive Links - submit your articles!

    I think the new home page looks much better Fabio, good work.
  13. Padawan

    Word Press Stat Program

    I always use statcounter.com which works well for me - just paste the code they give you into the footer file of your wordpress blog, right before the
  14. Padawan

    SEO Spam offer!

    I'm with Neo, sounds like an SEO scam to me. Considering their boasts of top 10 positions, don't you find it strange that they are not on the first page of Google for the keywords in their own website name?
  15. Padawan

    Hello mes amis!!

    Hi makeupworld, welcome to TWT