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    *A Cute Joke*

    True.. True..
  3. EpicZone

    Gas prices in America.

    People have been trying to start a rally for not going to gas stations so they can drop the prices. But then they soon found out how much transportation meant to them.
  4. EpicZone

    Gas prices in America.

    Wow. Did not know about other places. Lets just say other americans have short tempers.
  5. EpicZone

    Gas prices in America.

    Gas prices in america are outrages. Around some places its almost $3.75! It is predicted to Drop very little in August 2006. So you who are in america. Get used to these high prices. I remember a few years ago when the gas was 1.75. You who are in europe and canada. How is the gas prices?
  6. EpicZone

    Free GMail Accounts

    sorry about that mates.
  7. EpicZone

    Free GMail Accounts

    Ehh I can give out 300+ invites i have about 4 gmail accounts.. who wants one?
  8. EpicZone

    Anyone else mix music?

    http://newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=1314113&sub=30805 I make music. Listen to a few of my songs and tell me what you think.
  9. EpicZone

    Do You Like Mustard

    Please explain Im a little slow at jokes, lol.
  10. EpicZone

    AOL man jailed for selling members information

    Im glad too. I use aol and get plenty of spam at the moment. Probably because of this employee.
  11. EpicZone


    I understand now, Fabio. But whats the point of it?
  12. EpicZone

    Do you have an Apple iPod?

    I dont have an iPod. I really should get one though. Those things can get pretty loud!
  13. EpicZone

    Self taught or Teacher Instructed.

    I believe I shall wait until my college years to learn it where I can get help from an instructor
  14. EpicZone

    The secrets in songs.

    I dont see how its possible though. Ben, That website was pretty cool. But they say it wasn't a demon. They had used the wrong scale!