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    Community building software

    yes brain, myspace is a good example.
  2. Hi, I know that in most cases forum software (phpBB, vBulletin, Invision power board etc) is used for building online communities. But I really wonder if only forum enough for successful community web site? Do you know any software that is more powerful than forum, with included events section, groups, classifieds for community members and etc.?
  3. rodion

    Classifieds software features survey

    Thanks for reply Fabio! Yes, we understand that all of that is important, and sure we're working to make our scripts the best in all these areas. But we need to concentrate in some particular functionality, since it's hard to work simultaneously in all directions.
  4. Hi, Our company is developing classifieds software package, and I've decided to make this little survey of webmasters to clarify which software functionality is in the most demand. So here is the question: What functionality is the most important in classifieds software for you? Any input would be appreciated.
  5. Yea, my businees getting slower in summer.
  6. Hi everyone, I’ve just completed a template for real estate listing software iRealty. So I need your inputs about it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Here is the template http://www.irealtysoft.com/demo .
  7. rodion


    We’re using Joomla for one of our websites, and I must say that our tech guys spent really lots of time to compose our template for it. There also was some restriction that didn’t allowe us to make the layout we previously wanted. So I would recommend, if you need a simple site with a few pages, and limited functionality (simple news block, pools and etc) DON’T USE JOOMLA. There are lots of simpler scripts, which will save your time.
  8. rodion

    Press Release Distribution

    just what i needed! thanks
  9. hmm, looks rather usefull. Thanks
  10. rodion

    Any good tools out there?

    I'm using web seo
  11. rodion

    Useful Webmaster resources

    Yea Jasper, nice work!
  12. rodion

    Best font and font size

    I like Arial!
  13. Try searching hotscripts, there are lots of useful stuff there
  14. Hello everybody, Need your opinion about Smarty template engine. We’ve included it to our classifieds software packages as a part of templates management system, so what do you think, is Smarty useful for template management? Are there any pitfalls that could be met while utilizing it?