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  1. Christian

    Calorie BURNING drink from Coke

    Nice! If it tastes as good as normal coke it will be huge! I will probably not buy it cause i don't need the calorie burning And probably it will be a lot more expensive.
  2. Christian

    Hello again TWT!

    Hi again! Christian here, i have been away for a very long time and that's because i have had lots and lots of work to do the past months. But now it has became less at work so now i have time over and can visit the forums pretty often i hope Great to be back again! Christian
  3. Christian

    How much do you know about domains?

    For those who would like the correct answers just let me know and i will pm them to you. Pm sent to you Lee.
  4. Thanks Gab. Great to see that you signed up at last. Im glad you like the article.
  5. Christian

    How much do you know about domains?

    Here are some questions that you can answer for your self and see how much you know about domains. And if you like you are more than welcome to post your result. 0-2 points: Very little 3-5 points: Normal 6-8 points: Very much 9-10 points: Domain FREAK! 1: Name one site where you can buy domains. 2: Name the three biggest domains in the world and also the first ones. 3: What is Liechtenstein:s domain extension? 4: Is there a big marketplace on the internet where you can buy and sell domains? 5: What is the US domain extension? 6: A new domain for a hole continent has come out on the market. Wich extension is it? 7: Do you have 10 domains in your head that you can say right out? 8: How much does a domain cost ca? 9: Wich site that is the biggest domain reseller in the world? 10: What is Swedens domain extension? As i made the test i know all the questions so i cant post my result but please post yours.
  6. Christian

    Personality test

    Ohh thats not that good EpicZone Everyone who has done the test has seen that that's the most important one
  7. Christian

    Illegal to download music from internet

    Haven't visited any of those iTunes sites but i guess that's probably the same thing as the swedish disc shops on the net have started with.
  8. Christian

    Personality test

    Here's a fun personality test. You draw a pig and after that you should answer some questions and find out a little about your personallity. Maybe we can see some of your pigs here. Here's the link: http://drawapig.desktopcreatures.com/drawApig.asp And my pig is attached for those who would like to see real art
  9. Christian

    Illegal to download music from internet

    Yeah maybe but here in Sweden you couldn't get a fine if they caught you because it wasn't any law. Though i haven't heard of anyone who has got any fine yet but maybe they will make a huge check soon and get some people.
  10. Here in Sweden a new law has just been stated. From now on its illegal to download music from the internet. It has been illegal to share it on the net for a month and now you cant even download music :eek: I dont know what you think about this and if it ever reaches other countries but i dont think it will work. I don't think they can stop about 70% of the Swedish people from downloading music for free. The disc shop sites now have a shop where you pay to download mp3 files. What do you guys think about this?
  11. Christian

    Need some opinions to a logo

    Yes i know that this looks really not professional but i cant change their opinions in this case. So i will have to fix it up as much as i can and see if that will do.
  12. Christian

    Need some opinions to a logo

    Seems not. I have discussed it with them and they say that they like the site as it is but they will allow me to fix up the buttons and the text so that it will look a lot more nicer.
  13. Christian

    Need some opinions to a logo

    Ok i have made the logo and its up on the site here: http://www.orions.se. Its a Counter-Strike clan and they didnt want me to make a hole new site for them they wanted to keep the main site. Thats the logo i did and i would love some feedback and comments.
  14. Christian

    Flash? Or no Flash?

    I think it looks really good if you have a logo in flash on a standard graphic made site. If the hole site is in flash and everything blinks all the time i could get pretty tired of it. So i would prefer just the logo in flash i think that looks great.
  15. Hi im making this logo for a site atm and i have some troubles choosing the background colour for the background behind the logo. The hole site is almost white except the text and some links. I thought i could make a bright blue background. I would like to know if you think that it will look good with the hole site in white and grey or if you have any other suggestions. I would really appreciate all help i can get. Thanks.