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  1. slayerx

    ~Happy Birthday Fabio~

    Many Happy Returns
  2. slayerx

    1980's horror movies

    Nice site the 80's was a great period for movies and not just for horror movies.
  3. slayerx

    Me again.

    Thanks Fabio. I'm not sure what type of site I would like to try setup but I just need something to keep me intrested i've got enough spare time just to hopefully dabble with a small site or community.
  4. slayerx

    Me again.

    I know I keep coming back and saying I will post more and disappear guess that's just me and my hectic life. Anyway the last few months have been manic. I lost my job in January but I managed to find a new job within just a week which was lucky. Anyway i'm back as i'm keen to get back into owning and running a website.
  5. slayerx

    What is your favorite sport?

    I'm not a big sport fan but I do love American Football, however because its shows live its hard for me to catch a live game with the time difference.
  6. slayerx

    New member

    Welcome to this great forum
  7. slayerx

    Google Web Browser - Its Here Today!

    Never understood why Gmail is still down as Beta I mean its an email client or sorts nothing they can claim it still not finished I mean it does its job right ?
  8. slayerx

    Google Web Browser - Its Here Today!

    Have to say I'm impressed needs a little work but its still in beta. A step in the right direction but I do think Google will have a hard time getting users who have switched to Firefox to jump ship. This will see IE lose out to all but the uneducated who will use what's installed.
  9. slayerx

    Google Sites now open to everyone

    Im waiting for free google money
  10. slayerx

    New Marketplace

    Nice addition to the site Fabio.
  11. slayerx

    Review community - we has it.

    Will people be able to upload video reviews too ?
  12. slayerx

    Happy Easter

    A happy Easter to you to Fabio, its a really important day in the UK especially if you are religious.
  13. slayerx

    Go Daddy still the best?

    I ended up using fasthost as they were slightly cheaper for .co.uk domain purchases.
  14. slayerx

    Go Daddy still the best?

    I was just wondering if Go Daddy is still the best place to purchase a domain name from as im looking to try purchase one pretty soon, i've seen some cheaper sites but heard terrible reviews. Cheers. Slayerx.
  15. slayerx

    New Moderator - toeknee

    Best of luck with the new job Tony.