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  1. crunch

    Resseller account or VPS?

    I have shared hosting account with hostwinds. And now I want to start selling hosting services for some people. What is better to start with reseller account or maybe VPS/dedicated? What are pros and cons for both?
  2. crunch

    Windows Web Hosting with backups?

    aspnix.com is #1. So you can trust them.
  3. You can check qhoster.com. But their main feature is payment options viraity: Paza, Bitcoin, Web MOney etc - more then 100.
  4. I have to say that snelserver.com is based in Netherlands and there most of powerful network providers can be found. So when you order from them you can get the best quality and the fastest network.
  5. crunch

    SSD VPS with Good Uptime?

    virtono.com/ssd-cached-openvz-vps-hosting I believe there you will find inexpensive solutions as low as 2Euros per month.
  6. Almost every Netherlands based company has really good network and servers. I assume snelserver.com is not exception and with them you can get really good services.
  7. crunch

    shared hosting is needed

    You need to specify your needs and explain what you are going to use that shared account for? Elaborate that and I'm sure you will get some decent recommendations. My last provider (current one) is serverleased.com and I have to say that level of the services is really high and I'm fully satisfied.
  8. crunch

    Powerful Dedicated Servers?

    I think that nowadays that is very important to know and understand that your dedicated server provider uses quality hardware and that is not so important DC location. To this extend I would like to recommend you having a look at snelserver.com/en/dedicated-servers/. \ What you are looking for they can do. Moreover now they have 25% OFF. Good luck with your search!
  9. crunch

    Need vps host

    Have you checked nodeserv.com? I assume for $3 per month you won't be able to find such a good VPS anywhere else.
  10. I have latest server with panamaserver.com and I have to say they age good. I do not pay a fortune, but in return I always get very very good services.
  11. crunch

    VPS deal to buy

    I used SSD VPS from kvchosting.com and I have to say that I like their service and happy with the quality. Also the most thing I like is their price.
  12. crunch

    need to sign up with a quality shared hosting

    Have you checked qhoster.com? They offer huge amount of the payment options and with them you will be able to find a lot of good features as well. I have been using them and I have to say I have no issues with them at all.
  13. crunch

    reseller plans

    I have shared account with Aspnix.com and have to say they are pretty good one. However I do not know how good or bad they are.
  14. crunch

    cheap server is needed

    If you check kvchosting.com based on SSD I believe you will find what you are looking for.
  15. crunch

    cheap server is needed

    I would recommend you as well have a look at crookservers.com. They are not the cheapest. But dedicated server providing is their core business, so you can expect really good service.